Flat spring – What are its uses in different industries?

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Flat spring is a flat material strip, which can release and store energy after getting deflected with the external load. It is usually small-sized spring, which works as spring with a control over deflection process in the limited space. The manufacturers apply phosphorus-bronze, stainless steel or nickel alloys for making these metal springs. However, plastic is also used for designing these springs.  You may use the flat spring as a type of spacer. The choice of materials varies with the use of spring. Flat spring is found in various thicknesses and sizes, and these two factors cause an effect on the stiffness of your spring.

Uses of flat spring in different ways

You can find high versatility in the usage of this flat spring. Especially, in the automobile sector, you may have observed its application. In the car’s suspension unit, this spring helps in retaining the stability level and in reducing the deterioration of other systems. The seating, steering system and exhaust systems of the cars have also the use of flat springs.

In case of seating setup, flat spring is intended to give the best support. The engineers apply more than one spring for the absorption and distribution of the passengers’ weight.

While dealing with flat springs, you can find various configurations, and one of them is leaf spring. This leaf spring comprises lots of essential elements, and to design this spring, the metal is placed one after another. However, there are also some springs, where one particular tapered metal strip is used. In the old SUVs and truck models, you can find the application of this leaf spring.

Leaf spring and its various versions

Leaf spring has also a lot of versions, including the parabolic, multi-leaf or mono-leaf types.

These mono-leaf ones include a steel-made plate, which is tapered consistently to every spring end. Another option for you is the multi-leaf flat spring, comprising metal stacks of different sizes. These stacks are fitted to one another with the use of a bolt. The third category is the parabolic flat spring, which includes the stacked tapered leaves. With the springs’ eye, it remains fitted to one of the ends. The last variety is the coil spring, which is also useful for the automotive purposes. The technicians use counterweight for controlling the valve actions. The spring is configured for the absorption of shock.

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