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Firmware password- How to turn it on for ensuring safety of every Mac computer

You have perhaps heard a claim that Apple’s Mac computer is highly secure for all the users. But, the truth is that many of these options for security are deactivated in default state. There are some systems that help in encryption of files and all the things, present in hard disk drive. However, you may need much time for the set-up. When you are using Wi-Fi connection, you need to ensure safety of Mac computer from all the hackers.

Secure Mac OS in the right way

You are also concerned with the fact that an unauthorized person may access your personal Mac computer. So, you have encrypted files and applied a password for security. But, you may face the problem while anyone starts booting off your computer with external drive. The best solution is to set firmware password. If you have considered this option, no one can make the computer bootable without inserting the secret code. We know that one can easily delete other passwords. But, firmware password stays in the motherboard of Mac.

In the old Macs (based on Intel), this firmware password was always kept secured in PRAM. It was readable only with Apple EFI Firmware.

Guides to put on Mac’s firmware password

If you want to make your firmware password enabled, you have to consider few steps-

  • Restart your Mac for choosing Recovery Mode. Wait few seconds and then hold Command-R.
  • After you get a prompt, you can pick the desired language.
  • Then, you will find the menu of Utilities, and there you can find the option of Firmware Password.
  • Activate this option for the security set-up of computer system.
  • Input your password in the space, and make a confirmation. It is now the right time for setting password. Use the strongest passwords that have minimum ten to eleven characters. It will give you the utmost security.

To conclude, we may say that every Mac user must know the way of setting the particular firmware password. You should prevent others from resetting passwords and from all the methods of hacking. In addition to it, you must remember the process of changing password. We have provided you with a guide for creating new passwords. However, the steps for disabling or altering password are almost same. You may look for EFI Firmware chips from http://www.bios-chip24.com/ . These are pre-programmed chips, which are useful for unlocking your EFI password.  So, secure your computer and do not allow any unwanted users to open the files.

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