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Firewood Lytham St Annes must be Kiln Dried

Whether you burn wood in a stove, furnace or fireplace, quality firewood is the most important key to efficiency, convenience and safety. These days’ people want to know about the logs they are burning in their wood burners – how much they cost, how long they burn, how much pollution they produce and importantly, how dry they are? Certainly, to get the most out of your wood logs, they need to be dried before they’re ready to burn.

Log Burners Burn Hot in Lytham St Annes

Firewood Lytham St Annes is about ensuring residents get the best logs and that their log burners burn hot. Lytham St Annes is a seaside resort south of Blackpool. The weather can get very cold, and even the summers can be cool. Temperatures can vary between 27°F and 70°F. There are different wood logs, but fortunately, the UK is the largest producer of Ash timber, and being locally produced it is more affordable. Its low moisture content makes it more in demand.

Ashwood – Low Moisture Content

The Ash tree is a tree grown throughout Europe – a tree which can get to 400 years of age. The wood of the tree is pale blonde, it is strong and durable and is also used to make furniture. If you’re looking for the best wood for your wood burner, these Ash firewood logs are the way to go.

While not recommended, Ash can burn even when undried, and this is because of its low moisture content. You can safely say that Ash is one of the best woods for burning, giving a nice flame and heat. In fact, just one kiln-dried log can burn for about an hour. All logs produce the best heat when they are kiln dried. Undried wood wastes energy trying to rid the wood of moisture and ultimately just produces steam.

A Blackpool firewood logs supplier makes sure to specialise in top quality kiln dried logs and they deliver logs cut to any length and delivered to your home.

The suppliers have their wood professionally dried. Yes, drying can be done by air, but this can be a long process. With kilns, circulating heated air quickly removes excess moisture from the wood. Each load is sorted by species to optimise the drying process.

With a wood burner, you can add value to your home, and with the right wood logs, you can enjoy a good flame, strong heat and low-smoke output.

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