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Fight Hair Loss with Homeopathy

Fight Hair Loss with Homeopathy


Most of us know that, hair loss is a universal problem nowadays, especially amongst people in India. Most of the young-aged adults have been found to suffer from loss of hair, right from an early age. Loss of hair till a large extent can result in baldness as had been observed by several trichologists and experts. There are however, several causes which can add on such problems of excessive hair loss. Few include external factors such as seasonal variations. For instance, there is a huge loss of hair noticed by several adults during the onset of winter. Dandruff and scalp irritation are amongst other internal factors that can severely affect human scalp.

Alternative Forms of Treatment for excessive hair fall:

Due to the prevalence of hair fall in a bulk of the hair population, most of the patients resort to effective methods of treatment. Homeopathy had gradually evolved as an effective method of treatment for hairfall. Homeopathy can be considered to be effective in terms of activating the healing process of the human body. There are quite a few medicines in homeopathy which helps in treating hair loss. Thus homeopathy can be thought to be a successful remedy towards controlling hair loss.

However, in case of excessive hair fall, baldness is triggered. Baldness can be categorized into temporary and permanent. Temporary baldness can be taken care of with the help of lifestyle changes and proper diet. Permanent baldness can be cured only through hair transplantation. Hair transplantation has now evolved to be a very popular service across the country. Hair transplantation in Delhi is very common, in addition to major urban hubs like Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. But, before you go for a hair transplantation procedure, it is important to know the reasons for hair loss faced by young aged adults in India.

Reasons for hair loss

  • Consumption of excessive amount of vitamin A – Regular consumption of Vitamin A can result in loss of hair
  • Pregnancy – This is a temporary phase in which loss of hair can occur easily.
  • Lack of protein – Deficiency of protein can affect healthy hair growth.
  • Anemia – Deficiency of Iron can lead towards loss of hair.
  • Thyroid disorder – Disorder of the thyroid gland can seriously lead towards loss of hair.
  • Hormonal imbalance – Hormonal changes in the body can cause hair loss.
  • Excess weight loss – Due to excessive and sudden weight loss of hair might happen.

How can homeopathy help in case of excessive loss of hair?

Homeopathy is an alternative therapy available for treatment of chronic diseases. However, homeopathy needs a close survey of the patient and a detailed case history need to be developed before prescribing good medicines. Below are given certain homeopathic medicines for treating specific conditions:

Homeopathic medication for alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is an immune system disorder. It causes severe loss of hair and thus can lead to baldness.

Calcarea Carbonica – A specific medicine for controlling hair loss

Calcarea Carbonica is considered to be one of the most effective homeopathic medicines. This medicine aids in hair re-growth. Such medications are prescribed to combat against other scalp disorders like itching and sweating.

Hair transplantation in Delhi

Fluoricum Acidum

It is considered as a very potent medication for treating hair loss.  Loss of hair due to breakage and other chronic conditions can be redressed through this medicine usage.


Phosphorus resulting from potentiating of inorganic phosphorus can be used to redress partial or permanent hair loss. Though it is widely used to treat alopecia (partial or complete hair loss), the medicine can be used to heal problems related to gastrointestinal tract, bones, blood and nervous tissue.

Homeopathic medications for baldness

Following are considered effective in order to treat baldness

loss of hair

Baryta Carbonica

Premature baldness can be redressed with the help of Baryta Carbonica.

Hair transplantation in Delhi


Treats dandruff along with premature baldness

Hair transplantation in Delhi

Lycopodium Clavatum

It is considered as one of the best homeopathic medications.  Helps to treat premature graying of hair, normal hair loss and also baldness.

Hair transplantation in Delhi

Homeopathic medications for hair loss by dandruff


A fighter against hair loss, psorinum can help in reducing hair loss.

Hair transplantation in Delhi

Kali sulphuricum

A famous product in homeopathy, Kali sulphuricum can help in removal of dandruff as well as promote hair growth.


People with crusty scalps or pus infected scalps get a significant benefit from this medication. Besides, healing the scalp, the medicine also creates a great impact on nurturing healthy hair growth.


Hair fall is a common problem nowadays in most of the Indian adults, and requires immediate attention. Temporary loss although can be replenished, permanent baldness is a much dreaded experience. Homeopathy has been found to be feasible solution in order to treat hair loss. But most importantly,   before commencing on any medications it is essential to consult a qualified doctor. A qualified doctor can help in determining the dosage and the type of medicine required to help the patient.


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