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Feeling at Home Immediately After You Move Into a New Place

People who experienced transferring to a new living space know the feeling of having moved their things in but still not settled down mentally and emotionally. Whether to rent another apartment, live in a new house, or transfer into a nursing home or facility, being able to feel at home will not take overnight.

It’s not easy to forget the memories with your past home, neighborhood, or even roommates; more so adapting to the new environment and people around you. Fortunately, some things can greatly help you to get used to the new place, culture, lifestyle, people, etc.

Making yourself feel at home in your new house would be different from when you transfer into another apartment or finally decide to settle into a nursing facility. With a new house, you have two or several spaces to fill in and get used to; with an apartment or assisted living facility, you get a room or shared spaces and amenities to acclimatize in and feel at home.

Wherever you go next, what’s common with moving is you bring what “home” really means for you, even if it means bringing all your sentimental objects, anything you can do to personalize your new space and give it a touch of your version of a home.

Here are some things you can do to get over the homesick feeling and make yourself at home at the new place:

Learn the restrictions first

Before you can customize your living space, know your limitations first. This is especially true when you’re renting or sharing spaces with others. Whether landlords or assisted living managers, ask what you’re not allowed to add in the place.

You might want to put in new electronics, puncture holes in the walls for your little projects, or paint some areas with new colors. These or more may not be allowed, or are permitted only after asking for approval.

Those who move into their newly bought or constructed home can do their paint, furniture choices, or any other customization for the sake of giving the new house a touch of a “home.”

Give it your style

After asking what the project restrictions are, give your living space the style and atmosphere that you’ve always been inclined to everywhere you go. Your new place can feel like a hotel at first that gives off a clinical vibe but you can always transform it according to your preference.

One way to do this is to change the aesthetics in your space. All around may seem like a blank slate, but if you’re renting or in a facility and aren’t allowed to change the walls permanently, then you can always find another way. Change the color scheme with your favorite wallpaper designs or anything that you find interesting on the web.


As much as possible, recreate most things to make the place feel more familiar, including the sights, sounds, and even routine. Arrange your furniture the same way, play the same music you’ve always been listening to, put the decors in your constantly preferred place, and do just about anything that reminds you of home.

This means bringing all your favorites too. Make sure you have separated your smaller-sized favorites into one box so that you can easily get them out and instantly give your home the old feel. These may be your stuffed toys, paintings, any artwork, framed photos, or even scented candles.

Don’t forget your old routines. Being able to continue your routines, it’s much easier to get the hang of your move. The adjustment doesn’t seem to be very laborious anymore.

Hang artwork

They may be your old favorites or new purchases; either way, make sure that right after you move in, you lean artworks on the walls, nightstands, or sideboards. Some people claim that simply looking at artworks can make you feel happier. It’s a way to customize your space with your interests and personality too.

Setup for comfort

Aside from reliving everything from your past home to your new space, another way to trick yourself toward adjusting is to set your new living space for comfort. Clean all areas, arrange very comfortable bedding, make the whole place smell nice, surround yourself with soft materials, put in the plants, and all that you can think of for comfort.

The best way to easily adjust to your new environment is to have the right mindset. After setting everything up, immerse yourself in the new place. Talk to your neighbors, own a pet, cook on the day you move in—anything you can do to make your new living space feel at home.

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