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Federal Crime Appeals: Everything You Want To Know

There is nothing worse than being wrongly accused, and convicted, and being denied justice. Crimes are on the rise, so are the court trials and convictions. Many times the criminals walk around freely, and the innocent ones are left with life- long suffering and misery. When you are convicted of a federal crime it’s not just fines and prison sentences that you would face but you are about to lose the name and reputation that you’ve always had.

What if you had nothing to do with the crime and has been wrongly accused and convicted by the court? Most of the time this happens because the counsel was not competent enough and you failed to get a credible defense that was rightly deserved. During the original trials, most of these clients’ interest and rights were not fairly represented. The only way by which you can rectify the outcome that was negative is to make an appeal with the help of a federal crime appeals attorney. There are some federal crime appeal attorneys with excellent track records and it is of utmost importance that you find one. You need to understand the following things before hiring a federal crime appeal attorney.

federal crime appeal attorneys

Federal crime appeals take a longer time

When the clients fail to receive quick results they generally tend to lose their patience. Most of the time a federal case appeal takes months or even a year or more because of the bulk amount of cases federal courts have to deal with and it takes time to consider each and every case and legal claim. Even though technology has played its part in reducing the time taken, the case has to be read and studied by one or more judges before passing a fair judgement.

You want your counsel to argue your case orally

Most of the time the courts arrive at a decision regarding a federal crime appeal without any in-person contact. A successful lawyer writes an excellent brief that raises convincing legal issues which is one way by which the court requests for an oral argument.

Keep in mind that this is not a re-trial

One of the misconceptions regarding a federal crime appeal is that the facts that were dealt with in the original trial would be re-opened. That won’t happen as this is a legal proceeding in which the judgement of the court is questioned on legal grounds. Most of the time the proceedings are carried out through writing, responding to legal errors that have allegedly happened in a district court.

An appeal is different from a ‘Notice of Appeal’

Once the court has passed a judgment you need to file the Notice of Appeal in ten days and it’s different from the actual appeal. It’s a short document that notifies the appellate court and the district court of the client’s intention to appeal.

Make sure that your federal crimes appeal attorney is a person of credibility who can deliver a concise argument that’s easy to read and understand and free of errors. They can help their client get justice by presenting the case credibly and professionally.

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