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Features to be found in a syncing app between Archos and Mac

Android and Apple devices are the two of the most common devices that people own today. Android smartphones are great for their simplicity and features. Apple is preferred for work and its professionalism. It often happens that people do want the best of the both worlds when they own both devices. But the compatibility becomes low as data transfer between then is often a pain. Through intense programming, a new way of syncing them has been devised. It is SyncMate, an app to sync Android Archos Mac, it is able to sync any android device with a Mac device very easily.

Features that SyncMate has:

It is quite obvious of people to ask the question of viability of the app over an USB transfer. So, here is some feature that SyncMate definitely has over any other transfer app:

  • SyncMate works in all Android device if they have the version from 4.0-8.0. This becomes important as almost all android devices fall into it. The Archos smartphones which have Android definitely can use SyncMate.
  • SyncMate is able to transfer files from Android to Mac wirelessly. This means that no cable will be required. The sync can also be set to AutoSync so that it can sync all the things on a daily basis. Both data files and media files can be sent. In case of data files one can send a whole file without selecting each and every one of the files inside it.
  • If one uses it to sync Android Archos Mac then they can also update the Calendar and Contact between the devices. It would be very helpful if schedules are shared among the devices. Contacts also help in keeping up with them. Some Plug ins present in the app also helps in syncing text messages. Once the sync is complete one is able to send text messages from their Mac device which is quite great.
  • The sync can be totally automated with AutoSync and it can also happen in the background. Another thing is that Finder can also be used once the app has been downloaded and the Android device can work as a Mac disk.

These are some of the features of the SyncMate app. It is very easy to download it on Android and it is available in both free and paid version. Both are great and a person can use anyone after looking into its features.

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