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Favorite foods of a local in Boston you must try

When you are on a Food Tour Boston, you can enjoy the true spirit of this city by taking a walking and food tour. Walk through the cobblestone roads that lead you to different destinations, and are packed with various eateries throughout the route; this is the only way to soak the culture of this city. But, would it not help if you know what to eat while on the walking spree?

Boston is a land of beans. It is also a delightful destination for foodies with sweet tooth. Listed here are some of the lip-smacking dishes that you can remind your tour operators for trying, if it goes past their attention.

·        Baked Beans:

This is the signature dish of Boston. Packed with the power of protein-rich beans and baked for hours, this dish is served with side serving of brown bread. The chefs of various eateries have their own versions, but the basic ingredient i.e. beans soaked in molasses remains the same.

·        Cannoli:

You can keep your dieting plan aside for a while when you are at Boston. The city is famous for mastering pastry and cheese dishes. Cannoli is one such masterpiece that has creamy sweetened cheese as filling and pastry tube or pastry ball as covering. The dressing of ricotta is totally heaven. You can reduce the guilt quotient by teaming it with layered garden salad.

·        Brick oven baked pizza:

Italian food has special regard for pizza. Boston, therefore, is the ideal place to binge on pizzas through lunch and dinner too. You can have sausages made of pork, beef and other meat types spread as topping, or you can also enjoy vegetarian version of these. If done with pizzas, Salami sandwich is another dish to ask for.

Try to eat like a local and do sign for drinks as complimentary package while on a food and walk tour of Boston.

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