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FAQ on Online Reputation Management – Dealing With Anonymity Online

Online reputation management has become more difficult over the years due the ease in which online users are able to conceal their identity. Today, online users are able to leave a number of negative reputation management company reviews and not have their identity leaked in any way. They can choose to keep their identity completely anonymous. If an online user chooses to do this, you are able to find out their identity by following a set of steps and procedures.

How can I track down the identity of the person behind an anonymous post?

The answer to this question may be more technical than anticipated. Whenever someone logs on to a domain or conducts any type of online activity, they are connected and designated to an IP address. Everyone is given a unique IP address, which is a set of numbers. Every online user has an ISP, also known as an Internet service provider. The ISP assigns them their IP address. A growing problem is that people are outsmarting this system. Advanced online users are able to assign themselves a false IP address. They do this in the hopes of misguiding anyone who takes an interest in their inappropriate or illegal online activity to a false location. Someone blogging in Montreal can set their IP address to reveal that they are across the world blogging from Japan. Your online reputation management may be in hot water if you’re under attack by negative reputation management reviews and trace it to a fake IP address.

If the negative reputation management company reviews affecting your brand are coming from an anonymous source, you may take legal action and obtain an IP address with the help of a subpoena.

Uncovering the source an anonymous user behind the work of negative and harmful reputation management company reviews may be a lengthy process. But it is not an impossible task. Digital footprints are never impossible to recover or decode.

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