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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lightweight Wheelbarrow

A beautiful garden is a representation of passionate gardening and the use of innovative equipment for the gardening activities. A good wheelbarrow will make your gardening work or any other material hauling work easier and more enjoyable.

The problem is that most people still don’t understand the importance of thoughtful choosing of the right wheelbarrow and how positively it can impact the outcome of your hard work.

Everyone has a unique garden and gardening needs which can only be facilitated with equally unique equipment. What makes an equipment such as this good for the job? This guide provides you with the factors to consider when choosing a lightweight wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow Type

There are various types of wheelbarrows with each type having unique features that set it apart. However, there are 3 main types that you can choose from depending on your hauling needs, unique style or preference. They include hybrid, electric, and hill-use wheelbarrows. The hybrid wheelbarrow is a combination of classic wheelbarrow design that’s been reinforced to give it a modern look. Hill-use wheelbarrows are suited for hilly terrains. For example, they have a lightweight frame. Electric wheelbarrows are the most hi-tech wheelbarrow type. It is also the most expensive type.

Weight Limit

Every wheelbarrow comes with the slight limit indicated on it by its manufacturer. It represents the maximum weight the wheelbarrow can hold. The weight limit greatly depends on the construction of the best wheelbarrow. That would only mean that heavier and steadily built wheelbarrows are structurally suited for carrying more or heavier load. In fact, with advancement in technology finding its way into the wheelbarrow making industry, the introduction of polyethylene wheelbarrows now gives us lightweight barrows that can still haul heavier weight just like the heavy models.

Tires and Wheels

Wheelbarrows come with varying number of wheels that range from one to four. The classic wheelbarrow is the one-wheeled wheelbarrow. It is the most common type, though it is the most difficult to maneuver, especially if you are hauling a heavy load or going uphill. It is also advantageous in that it can easily move up along narrow paths and turn around corners. Most users prefer two-wheel wheelbarrows because they have better stability. High-quality wheelbarrows use pneumatic tires, which are the best so far.


The quality and type of handle will determine the level of your comfort while using the wheelbarrow. It determines the ease of pushing, pulling, turning or dumping the load. Some have wooden handles, and other have single handles. The type of handle that determines your choice of a wheelbarrow should come with comfortable grip too. Rubberized grips provide you with better control and comfort while using your wheelbarrow. Check if the grips are still effective so that the wheelbarrow doesn’t slip off your hands with a heavy load in it.

Final Verdict

The material used to make a wheelbarrow or each of its parts is a vital factor to consider, and one that you shouldn’t forget when weighing your options. Together with all the factors mentioned here, look for a wheelbarrow that is resistant to rust.

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