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Facing An Interview: Things To Keep In Mind

Think about how your first experience of facing an interview was like. Were you nervous, anxious, tensed or stressed? Interviews are always a nerve-racking experience for most of the people and even more so if it is their first time. Even if you’ve had the experience of facing a dozen or more interviews before, you are likely to get nervous the moment you step into the interview room. But there are exceptions too. There are quite a few who go through the process confidently. You need to learn the skills required to sail through the process, only then can you create a good impression on your interviewers.


Things to remember while facing an interview

The truth is this – most of us get the jitters when it comes to facing an interview. The anxiety and nervousness can be overcome by understanding and learning some important tips. You can also seek guidance from experts. For instance, the interview coaching services by Arielle Careers could help you face an interview with confidence. Depending on the trade and profession, the knowledge and skills required vary greatly. However, there are certain common qualities that are sought by an interviewer in any candidate.

Be punctual

All companies and institutions look for candidates who give importance to time. So, it is mandatory that you be there for the interview on time. In the event that you are late for some reason, you need to inform the company why you were delayed. That would help them understand that you do value time and that you are a responsible person.

Be confident

Confidence is an important trait that most of the interviewers look for in a prospective employee. This is necessary to handle a responsible role and to take important decisions which, in turn, would add to the growth of the organization.

Non-verbal communication

Your non-verbal communication needs to be excellent enough to leave a good impression. A handshake that is firm, maintaining good eye contact, sitting/standing straight, etc. are signs of confidence. Avoid fidgeting as that sends out the signal that you are nervous.

Dress code and good hygiene

You cannot go for an interview like you would do for a party. Being well groomed and properly dressed is important for an interview. Depending on the position you’ve applied for, you can wear a suit or an outfit that is less formal. Make sure that you understand the dress code of the company in advance. Hygiene is equally important. Ensure that you are wearing clothes that are washed and ironed thoroughly. Using a body deodorant, a mouth freshener, and combing your hair properly can help you appear clean and hygienic.

Be mature enough

Hiring a candidate who is mature enough would prove to be beneficial for the company because such a person would be able to handle important decisions wisely. Though maturity can’t be completely assessed in an interview, the interviewers try to understand it by asking you how you would respond to certain situations. You need to answer them wisely.

Good listening skills

Listening skills are an important part of good communication. You need to listen carefully to understand all the information that your interviewer is trying to give you and it’s also imperative that let them know that you did hear what was said.

Appropriate language and a good attitude

Professional language is expected of prospective employees at an interview. Make sure that you avoid unnecessary slang or words that are inappropriate. You need to maintain a balance between being modest, confident, and professional. Don’t try to overdo or underdo it.

Answer carefully to the interviewer and ask questions

You need to listen carefully and answer each question without missing out anything. All these answers are important for the interviewer to assess you. When the interviewer gives you the opportunity to ask questions, make sure you do. This is important to find out if the position offered is right for you and the interviewer will get the impression that you genuinely interested in the affairs of the company.

Avoid giving the impression that you are desperate

Face the interview being calm and cool and this would give the impression that you are confident enough to handle the offer you have been given. Make sure that you don’t appear desperate to get the job.

Things to carry with you to the interview

  • An updated resume
  • Copies of certificates that prove your qualifications
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Copies of passport size photographs

Irrespective of how qualified or smart you are, you definitely need to prepare well to face an interview. Follow these tips while facing your next interview and you’ll surely get hired.

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