Face Makeup Tips To Add To Your Routine

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Great Face Make-Up Tips

For women at any age, looking their best is usually an important priority. However, because each person has different facial attributes, it is important to get the best care for each person depending on their personal face.

Skin Tones and Foundation Basics

As an example, for people who have a darker complexion, they may find it is an important need to lighten their skin tone. By contrast, women with complexions that are considered very pale often look for ways to darken their skin tones. This is where a good foundation color is an important choice.

Foundation is the perfect makeup to balance out skin blemishes and skin tone imbalances. Picking the right color foundation is important to make a person’s facial features balanced.

The best way to test the color of a foundation is to compare the skin tone color to the color on the back of the hand. The foundation tone chosen should be either the same tone as the skin on the back of the hand, lighter by one or two shades or darker by one or two shades.

Blush and Skin Complexion Tone Matches

Understanding skin tone, complexion, facial shape and features is often the first step in learning how to properly put make-up on. In general terms, blush should follow along the check-bone lines and should be put on lightly.

The color of blush that works best has a great deal to do with skin tone and color. In general, women who have lighter tone skin should use pinks and rose-colored blushes.

For people who have darker skin tones, using lighter tone blush will not be noticeable. This is when the color tones can shift into the plum, wine and red colors.

Medium toned skin complexions can usually use either light or dark tones depending on what they feel most comfortable with. Some of this may depend on the season.

Even people with a light complexion, can where a light amount of darker plum colored blush in the fall since the earth tones are best in the fall. This includes the colors of plum and wine if it is done in smaller amounts, so it doesn’t overpower normal complexion colors.

Eye Shadows, Liners and Lashes

When it comes to eye shadows, usually mild colors are best . While in years past, it was not unusual to see people where brighter color eye shadows, in most cases, milder colors accent the eyes more distinctly.

Again, color tones may fluctuate depending on the season. Lighter colors such as pale greens and pinks, coral and light blue works in the spring and summer months as long as the colors are light shades.

By contrast, in the fall and winter, earth tones are more pronounced. These include colors such as light brown, beige, copper, white, grey and light purples. Wearing these colors and having them color coordinated with clothes can enhance the look and make it seem more put together.

When it comes to eye liner, not everyone needs an eye liner. Using an eye liner works for people who are trying to accent their eyes a bit more. For people who have bigger pupils, using eye liner may put to much focus on the eyes.

For eye lashes, most people like lengthy lashes and can easily wear a lash boost mascara. This can enhance the eyes and make them look more naturally noticeable without being overpowering.

For people with blonde or red hair, a brown mascara probably will look better and more natural than a black mascara. Black mascara works best for people with hair that is darker brown or black.

Lips and Lip Color Tips

Today, there are a host of lip products that are designed to enhance the size of lips. Some of these are colored and some of them are not. Women who choose to use a lip booster should test lipstick on before putting on any lipstick to go out to a function. That is because the wrong color can be a bit overpowering on lips that are larger.

Red lipstick is usually best for women with small or medium lips. This is because the red helps amplify the lips and acts as a color and feature booster.

In most cases, mild colored lip colors work best. Again, the colors can be seasonal so that darker tones are used in the fall and winter and lighter tones in the spring and fall. Women with darker complexions can easily wear darker toned lipsticks and lighter ones can be barely noticeable depending on their complexion.

In many cases, there are a vast amount of different shades available in pinks and wine colors that make it easy for almost everyone to find the right color for their complexion. Gloss and semi-gloss lipsticks can add a bit of extra shimmer and can be a nice addition for almost any occasion.

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