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Everything One Needs to Know while Purchase the Right Bed Sheets

One determining factor while describing a bed size is the dimensions of the required mattress. Size of each bed may vary, though manufacturers tend to get the bed frame sizes regulated. In modern times, most of the beds have similar length but different width frame. The size of a super king bed usually varies from 180cm to 190 cm, almost being a perfect square shaped. For such beds, mega king sheets are required which are available in some varieties both in offline and online markets.

Here are listed few of the things that need consideration before buying a bed sheet or bedding set:

  1. Size

Some sizes of beds like a king, queen, single, double and many more are available and can be availed easily as per one’s bed size. The depth of the mattress needs to be measured by adding two more inches to have enough material to tuck it inside. In case one wish to buy bed sheets of cotton fabric, they should purchase a bigger size because of cotton’s shrinking nature over time.

  1. Fabric

One can find an extensive range of bedding set, starting from cotton to blended ones. Cotton bed sheets in white or grey colored are highly in demand because of the comfort and cooling sensation it provides. These cotton bed sheets are the expensive ones and are worth the price because of the softness, great quality along with anti-allergic properties which it offers. Shrinking of these cotton fabrics is its only drawback. On the other hand, a polyester fabricated bed sheet is the most affordable one with a disadvantage of facing difficulty in removing stains from such bed sheets. Also, a polyester one may provide discomfort because of its average quality. Silk bed sheets are another type which is a long lasting as well as smoother textured fabric but demands a lot of care. Linen bed sheets are also quite common these days. Before buying any linen bed sheet, one can try out a piece of linen, 50cm to become familiar with the texture of the fabric.

  1. Design- Printed or solid colored

The design of the bedding set should be selected as per one’s theme of the bedroom. If the walls or furniture of the bedroom consist of a lot of decorations or have prints, then one should go for plain or solid colored bed sheets to maintain a balance and not make it look jazzy. Similarly, if there is less furniture with no wall decor, then one should opt for printed bedding set to enhance the look of the bedroom.

  1. Pattern

Patterns of the bed sheets also matter to match it up with the bedroom theme. Floral patterns or stripes or checks are very common in case of bed sheets. Various kinds of the 3D pattern are the new competitors in the field of bed sheet patterns. The silver-colored 3D bed sheet is in great demand now, being stunning to one’s eyes. Such a bed sheet would enhance the interior of the bedroom to a great extent by adding life like an element to it.

  1. Type of Weave of Thread Count

Thread count can be defined as some threads that get woven in one single square inch. For a matter of fact, the larger the thread count, the superior quality it is. Therefore, a bed sheet with 4000 thread count should be considered as the best one regarding quality in compared to a bed sheet of 1000 thread count. One must purchase a bed sheet which has 140 thread counts as the minimum amount.

There are different kinds of weaves, and they are as follows:

  • The standard weave is having a minimum of 150 thread count which can be considered as smooth and comfortable.
  • Satin weave being soft and silk-like but is not durable.
  • Twill weaves being little weighty but less formation of wrinkles.
  • Damask and Jacquard’s weave is considered as the premium type having intricate design structures.

Here are few bed jargons which one should be aware of before buying their desired bedding set:

  • Comforter- a bed cover similar to a blanket, being fluffy and soft, greatly comfortable during the winter season for its warmth.
  • Fitted Sheet- this is a bottom sheet, fitting tightly to the mattress. Mega depth fitted sheets are one of the various kinds of the fitted sheet which is mainly used for a king or mega-sized
  • Pillow shames- these are the decorative pillow covers often accompanied with bedding set.
  • Dust Ruffle or Bed skirt- this is also a decorative material piece which falls as a skirt from the legs of the bed.

All the aabove-mentionedthings are almost everything that one needs to know before purchasing the right bedding set for them along with some additional decorative bedding items to enhance the look of the bedroom. People willing to purchase the right set of bedding should have the right knowledge about their size and shape of the bed as well as have the right sense of choice, thereby being classy and unique in their bedding selection process.

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