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Essential Backyard Toys to Get Your Kids Playing This Summer

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The summer season is right around the corner, which means warmer weather, more time outdoors, and time for summer fun!

Plenty of backyard toys are available for your family if your kids are getting antsy waiting for the warm season and need something to keep them entertained.

Not sure what toys to purchase? Below is a guide to the must-have kid-friendly backyard in the summer of 2023.

Keeping Kids Cool With Water Slides

Summer is the perfect time to get your kids out and running in the backyard, and a water slide provides endless entertainment! Water slides are one of the essential backyard toys to get your kids playing this summer.

Not only is a water slide tons of fun and keeps your little one cool, but it also encourages hours of physical activity and outdoor play.

From rainforest-themed water slides to those with their attached pool and sprinkler, water slides are the best way to keep your kids entertained in the hot summer.

Challenging Climbing Toys

Challenging climbing toys can be an essential backyard playground to help your kids play this summer. This provides exercise that increases muscle strength, coordination, balance, and mental stimulation.

Climbing toys can help develop gross motor skills and promote physical and cognitive development. Climbing toys have a fun, adventurous effect on children, making them enjoyable to work on skills.

Ropes, rock and cargo net climbers, slides, and different styles of swing sets are all beautiful choices. Look for one made with high-grade, wooden outdoor climbing frame material that is safe and long-lasting.

Backyard Sports Fun With Badminton Sets

A badminton set offers something for everyone involved. It provides an exciting, competitive game that will keep your kids busy for hours. A top-notch set has a durable net, rackets, shuttlecocks (birdies), and poles.

The rewards for your kids’ victory can be tremendous. So why not take it one step further and set up your backyard as a court with official lines, nets, perimeter, and sidelines?

Get the whole family out there for epic badminton battles or friendly family games. This summer is perfect for patients or recreational play. Get your kids having backyard sports fun with badminton sets!

Bringing the Beach Home With Sandboxes

Kids love playing in the sand, making sandcastles, and digging through the dirt. Essential backyard toys to get your kids playing this summer include beach toys, shovels, buckets, and wheelbarrows.

Not only are they fun, but they’re also great for developing coordination and creativity.

Sandboxes also make an excellent STEM activity, as kids can use the tools to measure and build different shapes, experiment with ratios and designs, fill pails with sand, create forms and sizes, and more.

Have kids measure, mix and sculpt the sand in creative ways. With different textures and materials, kids can learn endless skills. With a sandbox at home, the fun never stops!

Create Lasting Memories With the Kids’ Backyard Toys

To sum it up, backyard toys are a great way to get kids playing outdoors and having fun, especially during the summer.

From swing sets to water blasters, these essential toys will provide entertainment, and an excellent excuse to be outside that doesn’t involve screens! Make sure your kids are having a great summer. Shop for backyard toys now!

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