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Epicor vs Sap: What Are the Differences?

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Did you know there were approximately 31.7 million small enterprises in the US last 2021?

Starting a business can be exciting as an entrepreneur because you can do as you wish. However, it can also be confusing because you may not know what to choose as your software.

In today’s digital world, two popular enterprise resource planning software is considered the most used. These are Epicor vs SAP.

Now that you’ve decided to create a business, you may not know what to choose. Or, if you’re already using one and your service provider is leaving you an offer to start using the other software, you may want to know the differences.

Keep reading to discover the differences between these two popular software programs.

Overview of Epicor vs. Sap

A few key differences exist when comparing Epicor vs SAP for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Epicor is a next-generation ERP vendor that caters to small and mid-sized businesses.

Epicor’s software is customizable, allowing for precise control of back-office operations. SAP’s products provide a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and automate the entire business.

Epicor is affordable compared to SAP. SAP provides superior scalability options, allowing businesses to accommodate future growth. Epicor focuses on providing complete end-to-end digital transformation. SAP is more focused on its analytics capabilities.

Epicor and SAP offer robust ERP solutions with distinct advantages and disadvantages. The best choice will depend on the business’s individual needs.

Key Features and Benefits of Epicor

Epicor and SAP are comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions. They automate and integrate critical business processes. Such as financials, human resources, sales, services, and operations.

However, there are key features and benefits of Epicor that make it a key contender in the ERP space.

What is Epicor? Epicor provides a robust, cloud-enabled platform with powerful features. Growing organizations often find the Epicor suite ideal for its scalability and usability.

It also enables companies to pursue unique strategies for their business. They enable powerful capabilities such as process automation, predictive analytics, and customer self-service.

With Epicor’s robust capabilities, businesses can manage and measure many areas of their business.

Key Features and Benefits of SAP

When looking at the key features and benefits of SAP, it offers less complexity and scalability than Epicor.

What is SAP? It is a software provider specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. SAP stands for System Application and Products.

It is a German software company that has been in the business of enterprise technology solutions for over 40 years. Some SAP solutions can facilitate business intelligence. They are making it easier for companies to make well-informed decisions.

It’s very crucial to acquire the correct solution that matches your business. To make comparing more accessible, it is essential to do additional research about NetSuite vs Epicor.

Epicor vs SAP: Learn the Differences

Epicor vs SAP presents apparent differences in scalability, usability, and cost. Epicor is more affordable and easier to use, while SAP provides a robust set of features for large businesses.

Consider your company’s needs and goals and how Epicor or SAP can help to support them before making your decision. Get in touch with an experienced team for guidance on choosing the best ERP software for your organization.

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