Enjoy one of the finest Poker games- Capsa Susun

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Capsa Susun is becoming widely famous among Poker game lovers. It has got various card games which can be played over the internet. Enjoy every game from wherever you are. You can enjoy it as long as you have a good internet connection and a device to access it.

Let’s take a glimpse of one of the popular games of CapsaSusun, Capsa flats which are becoming quite famous among the fans, and are having a great fan base.

The basics rules:

Capsa is made up of two-part, namely Capsa stacking and Capsa slam. Capsa stacking is famous across the Southeast Asian countries and Hong Kong. Indonesia is one country which have got a large fan base for this game.

Before you start your game of Capsa stacking, you should be familiar with some of the basic rules so that you can enjoy the game to its fullest.

It is played with a stack of cards which consists of 52 cards excluding the joker card.

If we look into the sequence, then 2 is the lower and card A is the highest. The sequence for the flower cards from highest to lowest are Spades>Heart>Club>Diamond.

Lets’ look into the order of poker hands from highest to lowest:

Royal Flush> Straight Flush> Four of a kind> Flush> Straight> Three of a kind> Two pair> Pair> High card.

How to play the game:

The game is usually played among 4 peoples with each player getting 13 cards. All the players should set their cards with levels 5-5-3. With the levels of the following cards:

  • Top cards- 3 cards
  • Central cards- 5 cards
  • Down card- 5 cards

Things to take care of:

  • Use sufficient betting money:

If you are planning to earn a lot of money, you have to look into the amount of money that is going to bring into the table. You need not bring a lot of money, but just enough capital for the game. Bringing a small amount of money will denote your passion to play and thus earn a big jackpot.

  • Observe your opponents:

While playing Capsa stacking, it is important to focus on the card on the table. As the card on the table will be a combination of the card you have to get the highest card value. Always pay attention to how your opponent is playing and try to memorize the tricks.

  • Arranging your cards:

If you want to win a big jackpot, you should be careful while arranging your cards.  You must arrange the 13 cards to 3 pokers. 2 of 5 cards and 1 of 3 cards can beat all of the cards in one betting table.  Divide the 13 cards in a back sequence with 5 cards, 5 middle cards while the front is only 3 cards.

There are many sites who are offering this great game of Capsa Susun. Just register yourself and win multiple games. These sites are fully trustable and safe to play. All the sites come with proper customer service. In case you face any difficulty, you can directly contact them 24*7.

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