Empower Your Call Center Agents With Bright Pattern’s Artificial Intelligence

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Call centers are some of the first lines of contact that a customer will experience when contacting a company. The representatives who handle their calls have to be trained to the best of their ability to ensure that the customer continues their business with the company. Many companies thrive on having a reputation for providing great service for their callers. Some live in infamy in regards to the call center experience they provide.

One way to prepare your call center reps for such calls is to provide them with the best tools. This includes the usage of artificial intelligence. Today we’ll focus on how AI can help representatives in a call center.

Speed Up Resolution

When you make a phone call to a contact center you don’t want to spend all day on the phone. The fact that you have to contact a call center representative already means that you weren’t able to handle the matter yourself. In addition to this, the time spent on the phone on hold is taking away from other activities that need to be completed. Many call centers want to provide the best customer experience for their callers.

One of the best ways to do this is to work on speeding up the resolution for a customer’s phone call in the first place. As mentioned before, no one wants to be on the phone all day. Okay, maybe teenagers who are attached to their cell phones. Many of us want to get in and get out when it comes to working with a contact center.

The great thing about the Bright Pattern AI system is that it helps a call rep to speed up the resolution of a phone call. This innovative companies phone system helps to speed up the call outcome, while still providing quality service. The AI helps to decrease wait times, speed up customer service, and increase customer satisfaction. The AI can be used for automation and to help boost performance in your contact center. This ultimately ensures that the contact center helps to provide a better customer experience.

In addition to all of this, with the use of this AI system, customer service reps can utilize speech recognition and voice recognition to verify customers faster. All of these steps help to increase the resolution for the customer’s original call.

Quality Assurance

One of the many ways that call center agents grow is through quality assurance. This usually means that a supervisor is able to monitor their calls, in the hopes of providing advice on how the rep can improve in their contact center duties. Artificial intelligence can help in a huge way on this front by providing managers with analytics, predictive analysis, and sentiment analysis. With these analytical tools, a supervisor can monitor 100% of the AI-provided data through phone call interactions.

This can help a supervisor build insight into how a call center representative is doing. In some cases, you can observe how well a rep is doing on a series of calls. On the other hand, a call center rep might be having a difficult time with how to handle some calls. When a bad experience is detected by AI it also allows a manager time to intervene in the phone call in real-time. By providing a seamless quality assurance experience, AI can help strengthen your call center agents.

Reduce Friction

Another way that AI can help to empower your call center agents is through friction reduction. This AI system is the only true omnichannel cloud platform that can offer such a feature. The AI can be used to assist customer service agents to reduce friction during customer interactions. This is done by the AI providing suggestions to contact center reps during chats and messenger conversations.

The AI provides further quality management by doing basic triage by presenting information to the call center agents to help guide them on how to assist customers further. Further, the sentient AI can help for quality assurance purposes by helping supervisors identify and coach agents.

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