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Ecommerce Website Design: What You Need to Know

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Having a great web design is a must in today’s world. The ability to create compelling websites that look great is more accessible than ever, which means consumers now expect it.

And when 75% of people say a website’s design influences its credibility, having a bad design is a bad business decision.

With how much a website’s web design plays on your company’s credibility, you must take eCommerce website design seriously. Below are a few things to think about when designing your e-commerce website.

Keep it Simple

People visit your eCommerce store for one reason: to find products to buy.

They don’t want to read pointless information that doesn’t help them achieve their goal. People want to find what they need quickly and move on with their day.

If you have a complex web design that makes your website hard to navigate, it’s hard to convince people to buy. Focus on creating a simple design containing only information people need to make buying decisions.

Create a Cohesive Brand

One mistake many eCommerce website owners make often is not keeping a consistent experience on the website. They use various colors, images, and other things that don’t contribute to their brand’s image.

People expect something specific when they visit well-known websites. It’s hard to convey trust when people visit something unfamiliar.

Keep similar colors and images across your website to build a cohesive brand.

Prioritize Speed

A great design goes far with an eCommerce website, but it isn’t everything. Not every consumer has a fast internet connection. If someone connects from a slow mobile connection, they may not be able to view your website quickly.

Great hosting and a fast design are critical for a fantastic user experience. Start by reducing your file size as much as possible. This means optimizing your images and website code and lazy loading images that load further down the page.

Fast website hosting is also critical for a fast website. Take an eCommerce website on WordPress, for instance. You can look for the best enterprise WordPress hosting to get help creating an optimized web server for hosting your website.

Plan for Mobile

It’s no secret that mobile internet use is at an all-time high. Many of the people who visit will probably be visiting on their smartphones.

Unfortunately, that means you need to consider more design considerations for your website’s design.

Plan to do a mobile-first design for your website and add elements for larger screens after you finish your mobile design. Adding elements to a design is easier than removing them, so doing a mobile-first design will make the design process easier.

Take Time to Do eCommerce Website Design Right

Your website’s design plays a vital role in gaining the trust of your customers. People don’t want to purchase products on shabby products that don’t convey trust and professionalism. You can lose many customers when you do an eCommerce website design wrong.

But now that you know more about handling web design for an eCommerce website, you should be better prepared to do it right and offer a great customer experience. Remember the tips above and pay attention to web design trends the next time you create a new website design.

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