Early Signs of Bed Bugs You Wont Want to Ignore

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Do you see red or itchy spots when you bathe or dress for work? You might have bed bugs.

Bed bugs prey on humans and don’t discriminate against skin color, gender, or economic status. These bugs cause itchy and irritated skin and can result in several other health issues.

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation at home, we have you covered. Listed below are some of the most common early signs of bed bugs. Read on to learn more!

Red Spots on Your Bed Sheets and Other Fabrics

Red spots on your bed sheets and other fabrics could be early signs of bed bugs that you don’t want to ignore. These spots may be the tell-tale sign of bed bug fecal matter.

Bed bugs are small and often difficult to spot, so their waste is often an easier indicator of their presence. The spots may be dark brown or even have a red tint and can sometimes be found smeared on your sheets.

Itchy Skin

Bed bugs feed on human or animal blood, and the bites they transmit cause an itchy, raised red bump. The general geographic location of the bumps is in areas such as the waist, arms, and legs.

If you notice itchy skin, often in a straight line, check your mattress and bedding for signs of bed bugs, such as dark patches, mottled spots, and eggs.

Bed bug bites generally take up to nine days to become visible. Reach out to a 24 hour exterminator immediately to take necessary measures and prevent further spread.

Presence of a Sweet and Musty Odor in the Room

Bed bugs emit a pungent smell similar to the smell of musty old books. Additionally, when an infestation is nasty, there will be a noticeable sweet odor.

This odor is caused by an aggregation pheromone produced by bed bugs when they become overcrowded in an area. If you start to notice this musty smell, you must take notice and take measures to prevent a full-blown problem. Investigate the odor source and look for signs of bed bug infestation.

Black Spots on Your Mattresses

Early signs of bed bugs are black spots on your mattress. This is due to the bed bugs’ excrement and molted body shells. You can easily spot the black spots, ranging from tiny to more significant than a pencil eraser head.

The spots tend to stick to the fabric of a mattress and can be spread across the bed. If you notice these black spots, scrutinize the mattress and look for signs of a bed bug infestation, such as white eggs, live bed bugs, and blood marks.

Sight of Exoskeleton

Early signs of bed bugs can easily be overlooked, but one thing you definitely won’t want to ignore is the sight of their exoskeleton. Bed bug exoskeletons are composed of a hard shell that covers their body and wings.

They look like translucent brownish-red oval-shaped shells with joints that run down the long sides. You may notice them where bed bugs tend to hide, such as in the seams of mattresses and furniture or along the edges of carpets or curtains.

Don’t Ignore the Early Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are not something to take lightly. If you suspect your home may be infested, take action fast! Early signs of bed bugs you won’t want to ignore dark spots on mattresses, small reddish-brown bugs on sheets, and a sweet, musty odor.

Don’t wait until the infestation worsens – contact a professional exterminator immediately!

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