DRIcore vs Plywood for Basement Subfloor Installation

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Finished basement can be the site of your pride or apocalyptic home disaster. The key factor for your basement renovation is existing condition of your subfloor. It helps to transform your space from a slab of concrete or wood into something more attractive and functional.

Basement subfloor installation is the best way to create impenetrable barrier preventing water from seeping in. Proper basement subfloor installation keeps your basement bone-dry.

Nowadays there’s a variety of options to choose from. Read my review about the differences and benefits of the most popular materials – DRIcoreand plywood subfloorings.

DRIcoresubflooring is one of the newer systems, invented in the 1990s, which has become popular favourite for the most durable and moisture-proof flooring options. It typically comes in panel shapes smaller than the plywood sheets. Panels and premade moisture barriers are made from OSB, which is constructed of polyethylene or durable foam.It’s a great option for basement subfloor installation with low to mid-range moisture problems.

Generally, there isn’t too much difference between the cost of DRIcore and plywood subfloors. For an average-sized basement, be ready to spend about a few hundred dollars more than you would with plywood.

Here are some of the benefits ofDRIcore subfloor:

  • It doesn’t raise the floor as high as plywood, which makes it excellent solution for basementswith low ceilings.
  • It makes premade subfloor application more efficient. You don’t have to scratch or build-it-yourself subflooring.
  • OSB panels are one of the most trusted materials in the industry due to its ability to be clean, smooth and always flat.

Plywood is a budget-friendly, efficient and easy to assembletraditional method of basement subflooring installationthat consists of ⅝” plywood, rigid foam insulation, 2×4 sleepers and plastic vapor barrier.

Why’s plywood so popular? The reasons are the following:

  • It is cheap ($700-$1000 for an average basement) and can be made using common and affordable materials from your local hardware store.
  • WhileDRIcore subfloor takes up only 96{0769f9e165250301569ce67f54c3b81bedf5c586a0e9647f6b8ae1e655ecebb0} of a true sf, plywood has better area spacing,its panels are significantly larger.
  • Plywood provides convenient installation.
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