Divorce Lawyer: Their Unique Role And Responsibilities

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Divorce is indeed a very complex issue to most people but with the help of divorce lawyers, the process could get much simplified. Many folks have gone through this complicated procedure and many challenges are associated with it. In terms of money, it can be expensive which can raise anxiety levels. A divorce lawyer is someone who is specialized in such a field and can simply handle the procedure.

Grounds For Divorce

Every state has developed some domains for divorce that give one of the spouses the right to petition the court for dissolution of the marital relationship. Some of the basic reasons for divorce are ill-treatment, abuse, adultery, and misunderstanding. A divorce lawyer is hired who outlines the facts of whether the case could be carried forward to the court to resolve the marriage on specific fault grounds. It has been seen that most of the cases are based on faulty relationships. Divorces are very common nowadays.

Every couple ties their knot to continue the relationship but some unprecedented things happen in life which hinders the relationship. When both the couple and any of them decide to separate they hire a divorce lawyer to enter the procedure. Divorce is not a very easy issue and it takes much time to be resolved. The people always want freedom and no one wants to be under the domination which is the root cause of divorce.

Responsibility Of Divorce Lawyer

The prime Responsibility of the divorce lawyer is to assist the spouses to get a divorce easily by choosing the mode of option. The divorce can be mutual or contested depending on the type of facts of the case. The divorce lawyers are specialists in their cases who help the spouses understand the process and determine the circumstances without much difficulty. In the case of mutual divorce, the lawyers direct the spouses concerning child custody, segregation of property, alimony, and so on. In a non-mutual divorce, the divorce lawyer will put forward challenges to the divorce petition filed and will represent the client throughout the court hearings. The divorce will be responsible for handling all the issues related to the maintainability of child custody and so on.


The procedure which is involved in the divorce is psychologically painful and the role of the divorce lawyer is to make the procedure less painful. A divorce lawyer must communicate with the client very frequently and make them understand the consequences of divorce and how it can affect their future. The lawyer will outline the concept of property division elaborately. The main challenge of any divorce is the procedure of debt payments. In many cases, the spouses have received a joint debt. The advocate will make them determine the debt plans and tailor a plan for how it can be split.

A divorce lawyer plays a crucial role in explaining the terms and grounds of the divorce to the party. In cases of divorce proceedings, many families hire a family attorney who knows the family matters well and can be trusted. Family law matters are in close association with the home so having a reliable family law attorney can assist the loved ones to be properly presented and safeguard against during the legal procedure. The very popular reason of hiring a family law attorney is

  • Divorce: Each of the spouses hires their own choice of attorney who helps to resolve a settlement plan to avoid the trial procedure. Divorce lawyers are efficient enough to divide marital property, evaluate spousal support and provide a plan for child custody.
  • Child Custody: court orders and settlement agreements involve both custody and support.
  • Paternity: In most cases the paternity is filed by the mothers to secure the support of the child from the father who is absent. In many cases, the biological fathers also file a petition to keep a relationship with their child.
  • Adoption/ Foster Care: It is a very complicated process that varies according to the type of adoption from where the child belongs. It is necessary to consult with the family law attorney. Foster parents can adopt their foster children if they want but foster care generally does not require legal representation.


Role Of Real Estate Lawyer In The Process Of Divorce

Often the spouses required a Real Estate lawyer to sell part of their marital agreement when they are forced to sell the marital home. Sometimes the home represents both an asset and debt. It is the role of a Real estate lawyer to guide the spouses to sell their home properly. So the spouses rely upon the experienced real estate professional when deciding to sell the home.

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