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Discover the new range of Hyundai Veloster

So often, people find the difficulty with the two-door open car. Getting in-getting out always be the problem. That is why, Hyundai come up with the idea of Houston Hyundai Veloster.

In this car, the company added the third door, which exactly looks like a coupe and present at the driver side. This concept is tried previously also, but not able to provide the full-sized rear door. Comparing with others, only Veloster has that credit.

Attractive design

Generally, it is a compactly designed, three-door having Econo-hatchback. You can say that it is somewhat similar like Mini Cooper hatchback coupe or the VW Beetle. But, it has some different features like seven speeds automated manual transmission and off course the third door.

Is there something new?

This is a well-acclaimed option of Turbo Veloster R-Spec. Above all; the car has navigation and infotainment system that can be upgraded to the trims. It is the only car available that has three full-size doors and turbo-goosed engine. While talking about the base model, it is something to go for.

Likewise the advantages, there is some points that you cannot like. It has the sashimi styling, now, it’s up to you to buy it or not. One can easily go to the back seat, but still it has the restricted space. These are small points that can be overruled.

Hyundai has introduced this car with base engine having a six-speed automated manual. The turbo speed can go up to seven speeds to increase the performance. If we talk about the acceleration, then it is the best. The Veloster is a car that is neither light, not too heavy. The turbo can change the working of a car.

Talking about the gas mileage, this car shows good and the turbo is equal to the Mini S. frankly speaking, this is a fun car. What does this means? The look is really cool and has a base having small hatchback. The diesels show the benefit of low-RPM operation and show less strain on the internal parts. The fuel which is used is a lubricant and keeps the engine working for longer period of time. On comparing with the turbo Mini Cooper, Houston Hyundai Veloster has the same potential on the road, but yeah it is quick.

If you will race other car with this, then it will surely come first. The manually operated six-speed shifter is very smooth and has a wide torque speed.

For years, Hyundai has done an excellent work by using clutch action. The look of the car becomes very pleasant due to its look. The breaks are applied inside the wheels and maintain the control when the car is tilt fully. The stability of the Houston Hyundai Veloster allows you to have fun driving. Turn the wheels spinning and enjoy a long drive in this car. The offered car is fully committed to the requirements of the clients. Accessible with lots of benefits, our presented range has truly becomes a game changer.

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