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Different Ways For Transferring Files Of Android Mobile

Transferring a file from one device to another is a common need to most of the mobile users. This transfer process also allows them to keep the data. As you can save the same data in more than one device, you may have the chance of recovering the lost files.

Transferring Android data with the use of USB

Now, we want to explain some ways in which you can transfer your file from Android. Many people face problems during this process, and like to know how to fix Android file transfer issues. The first method of transferring files is with USB

  • Connect the computer system to Android mobile and then, you may find an icon of USB on your mobile screen at a bar.
  • Drag this bar to click on this option- USB connected. It will allow you to draw files or folders to the desktop or from desktop to the mobile.
  • You will find the appearance of another screen, where the icon of Android-USB is present to give you information on the file transfer.
  • Choose Storage to computer option and approve your connection to USB.
  • The desktop also determines the model of your phone and you can search for any folder in the mobile from desktop.
  • While the PC and Smartphone are linked, you can browse files, which have to be transferred. After finding the files or data, you can choose a preferred location for storing them on the computer.

Download a special app for solving file transfer problems

There is another easier way of transferring files to different devices. SyncMate can fix Android file transfer issues with its excellent feature. To use this app for moving files, the major steps for you are

  • Install the app on the computer system, and upgrade the software version to use the advanced features. Run this software and then, choose the option- Add New. Choose the device in order to set the connection with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system.
  • You can get another option for mounting the disk. After activating it, you’ll be able to open any file, present in Android.

Thus, you may choose any of the two alternatives to move data from one device to another. The well-designed app is easy to download, and after installing it, you can follow the tips for using the interface. To get more details, you can click on the site.

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