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Different Types Of Bongs And Their Advantages- You Must Know!


There are several tools preferred for smoking, and bongs are one of them. It is not a new tool but is relatively prominent among smokers. People from the Scythian tribe in Russia used the water pipes for smoking around 24000 years ago. The bongs, at that time, were made up of gold. Nowadays, there are several bong shop that sells different types of bongs. This blog post will help you understand these different types and their benefits:

Straight-Tube Bong

Straight-tube bong is the most straightforward type of bong available in the bong shop. They are structured in an individual tube form fixed with a stem on one end, and the bowl pokes from the other end. To use a straight-tube bong, you need to put some water in the tube and put some cannabis in the bowl. You can work it now.

Multi-Chamber Bong

Also known as a recycler bong, multi-chamber bongs contain different chambers in a straight-tube bong. All the cases emerge out of some other compartment, giving it a multi-faceted look. The upper and lower chamber contains water that filters the smoke in two folds. The multi-chamber bong gives a chilled and smooth smoke when compared to the straight one. When we talk about its manufacture, it takes more time to build due to its structural complexity. Thus, it requires more maintenance.

Image Source: beefysbongs.com.au

Bucket Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a distinctive type available in a bong shop. It depends on the vacuum of the water in the covered space. These bongs are further classified into bucket and waterfall bongs. One of the bucket gravity bongs involves the usage of a plastic bottle and a bucket of water. After assembling, you only need to ignite the weed in the cap and pull the water bottle slowly. Stop when the water bottle is entirely out. It creates smoke down into the bottle. You can now work on it by removing the cap.

Homemade Bong

Gravity bongs, discussed above, are a perfect example of homemade bongs. If you don’t have the other types of bongs readily available, you can create a homemade bong yourself. To make it, you can use anything like fruit, candy, water bottles, building blocks, and snow. It might not look extravagant as the colored ones. But it will serve the purpose. Therefore, it is the most inexpensive type of bong.

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