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Deeper Fishfinder Problems

Fishing is a favorite activity for many. To be successful, you need to have good equipment, but how to know what’s right with so many products on the market? This time, we will take a look at the Deeper Fishfinder problems and revolve around some of the key aspects you may what weight fishing line to use while using this gadget.

What is the Deeper Fishfinder?

The Deeper Fishfinder is a nice fishing gadget that will help you accomplish more than the standard fishing rod. It is a smart device which can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery. The designated Deeper Fishfinder app will give you important information about the weather and the fish activity calendar.

Deeper Fishfinder Bluetooth Connection Problems

Connecting the Deeper Fishfinder to your phone via Bluetooth is the first thing you should do before getting down to business, However, as many users reported so far, the fishing gadget has some issues when it comes to the connectivity, since it is often interrupted.

Towing the Deeper Fishfinder

Another problem surfaces when you are towing the sonar. As stated by users, when you are towing the sonar. The problem here is that the antenna which connects the sonar to you phone is too short and cannot remain connected when above water.

Deeper Fishfinder Depth Problem

Even though you are supposed to get accurate measurements of the depth of the water, but there is another problem here. The Deeper Fishfinder will display message “too shallow or too deep” when submerged in depths above 32m.

Locating Fish with Deeper Fishfinder

The Deeper Fishfinder will display information about the fish it located in its surrounding. However, according to what users reported, it seems that the sonar does not give you accurate information. On the display, you will see the fish being just above the bottom, meaning that the Deeper Fishfinder probably cannot differentiate between fish and weeds. Also, users felt that the number of fish that the Deeper Fishfinder reported is too high. In reality, it is rare to find large number of fish in a small area.

Where to Buy the Deeper Fishfinder?

The Deeper Fishfinder is available at the official Deeper website. It is also available on Amazon at a retail price.

In any case, the Deeper Fishfinder is a nice and useful gadget for those who want to take fishing to the next lever. Despite the potential problems that some of the users experienced, the sonar will give you important information that you would not be able to obtain in any other way.

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