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Debunking the Most Common Immigration Myths That Exist Today

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Did you know that 40 million people who call the United States home were born in another country? While many are aware of the cultural vibrancy these individuals contribute, too many individuals are not. That’s why it’s critical to know what’s true — and what’s not — about immigration so you can be a welcoming neighbor.

Read on as we debunk the most common immigration myths today!

A Lot of Immigrants Are Illegal

The allegation that many immigrants are in the U.S. illegally is false. Nearly half of all immigrants living in the U.S. are naturalized citizens, and over 600,000 people are naturalized each year.

Some immigrants are not naturalized citizens, but they are here legally by way of green cards. And while some immigrants may have expired visas, they can fix their status with help from the best lawyer.

Immigrants Bring Crime

While more immigrants have entered America in the past 25 years, the crime rate has not gone up. By contrast, immigrant populations tend to be less involved in property crime or violent crime.

And if anyone tries to tell you that immigrants are more of a stressor than an asset, set them straight. That opinion is in the minority. According to recent data from the Pew Research Center, 66 percent of Americans see immigrants as a point of strength.

Too Many People Are Coming to America

This statement is contrary to the truth. Open immigration policies enabled many people to enter America over 100 years ago. But the immigration process is more robust and restrictive today.

A more intense set of rules determines who can enter — and how long they can stay. Typically, those who enter America have a job lined up or a connection to someone already in the U.S. The best attorney can help an immigrant with the visa or green card application process.

Immigrants Take Jobs from Americans

This myth is easy to toss out. As the U.S. population ages, especially in traditionally blue-collar jobs, someone has to fill the void. Many immigrants bring a work ethic that equips them to do just that.

Further, many Americans gain access to services and goods provided by undocumented immigrants. Agricultural jobs that require physical grit often fall on their shoulders.

Only a Naturalized Citizen Pays Taxes

Even for immigrants without a Social Security Number, it is possible to pay taxes. And undocumented immigrants pay property, sales, and even income taxes every year. Get more information on to learn about an immigrant’s legal rights.

Many have done so — to the tune of over $23 billion — with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. The notion that someone coming to America is getting a free ride is not true.

Debunk Common Immigration Myths

When you help debunk immigration myths, you can help create a more inclusive country. Let those around know that immigrants bring revenue and skillsets that help America grow. And these individuals do not contribute to rising crime rates or neighborhood decline.

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