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Top 5 Questions to Ask a Daycare Center Before Signing Your Child Up

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Do you have a new baby, but aren’t sure if a daycare center is the right fit for your little one?

It’s a big decision, to be sure. Daycares come in all shapes and sizes, so a good fit for one might not be for another. There are loads of considerations when picking the kind of care you want.

If you’re looking for advice on asking about a daycare before you drop your kid off for the first time, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are five things you should ask any daycare center before you sign up.

1. What Are the Center’s Qualifications?

When researching a daycare center, it is vital to ask questions to ensure your child is in safe, reliable, and knowledgeable hands. To start, inquire what the center’s qualifications are.

Are they licensed and regulated by the state, and if so, by which state? Are the staff required to have specific credentials and certifications? What is the ratio of staff to children?

To ensure that you find a qualified daycare provider, you can start by looking at

2. What Is the Center’s Daily Schedule?

Understanding the day-to-day routine can give you insight into the quality of the program. It will tell you how much learning is taking place and how well your child can fit into the environment.

Ask to see a sample daily schedule and compare it to the curriculum being taught to see where the activities are primarily focused. See if they can adjust the schedule to meet the needs of children of different ages. And you can also inquire about nap and snack times, as these can offer clues about the flow of the day.

3. Are There Additional Services Offered?

You should inquire about the types of extra activities available, and the duration and frequency of those activities. And you should see if there are any additional costs associated with them.

Are there extra-curricular activities such as music or art classes? Is there a library or media center? Does the daycare offer programs for enrichment or activities in foreign languages? Is there access to outdoor play and/or physical education?

4. What Are the Center’s Safety and Hygiene Protocols?

Ask about protocols such as the type of locks on the building and staff personnel access to the facilities. You should also inquire about their handwashing policies and cleaning schedules. This will help you ensure that the center is properly and regularly disinfecting the environment.

When talking about safety, ask about security and staff screening procedures. Inquire about procedures related to immunization records and medical documentation.

5. Are There Opportunities for Parent Involvement?

Does the daycare center have a formal parent involvement policy? Is there an active parents club at the daycare center? Are there opportunities for parents to volunteer at the daycare center?

This type of daycare questionnaire material will help you see if a place will foster healthy parent-child relationships.

Choose the Right Daycare Center for Your Child

Choosing the right daycare center for your child is a very important decision. Taking the time to research the facility and ask the right questions can help ensure your child’s safety and well-being.

So remember to ask the five key questions suggested in this article to get the help you need to choose the best daycare center for your child.

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