Damon Braces Vs. Traditional Braces – Which Is The Best

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Are you looking for a solution between Damon braces and traditional braces? No worries. You will get a thorough understanding of the differences between them. Even you can get a gist about Damon braces cost (จัด ฟัน แบบ ดา มอน ราคา, which is the term in Thai) from the article.

What Are Traditional Braces

The significant differences between Damon braces and traditional braces are how they move the teeth. The traditional one uses ligatures for connecting the architect and bracket. It works this way, so the system can gradually pull the teeth into proper alignment. The Damon braces cost is a bit higher than the traditional ones.

But the Damon braces are self-ligating. So, you will not get anything to choose from colorful ligatures. Apart from that, hardware worn in the mouth eliminates the problem of food sticking inside the mouth. Here, the memory wire can connect your side brackets, and you will feel less pressure.

Another significant difference between traditional braces and Damon braces is how they deal with overcrowding. For conventional braces, it may need to remove the teeth to make more space available. In this way, you will get more pressure inside the mouth. Besides tooth removal, traditional braces may also need a palatal expander.

The Damon braces need only a gentle approach. The practitioner can do it quickly and easily. In most cases of Damon braces, it doesn’t need any extraction or extender. It only provides gentle pressure, and the teeth get aligned gradually.

Whether this is a Damon brace or a traditional brace, at first, it will be a bit uncomfortable. For Damon and traditional braces, running is one of the significant issues.

As per the study, Damon’s braces hurt less than the traditional braces. As Damon braces use less pressure, the wearer will face less pain. As traditional braces need to create tension, the wearer may feel discomfort.

The most important reason to wear braces is to align the teeth in the proper shape. In that case, the speed of treatment matters a lot. While the wearer has claimed they can take off their Damon braces in just 7.2 months, the traditional braces may take 12 months or more.


Whether you are an adult or teenager looking for an alternative option to traditional metal braces, Damon braces can be an excellent option. While the Damon braces and traditional braces work for the same purpose, they both have a lot of differences that you have already gone through. So, it’s time to talk with your doctor to find out the best option for you, and don’t forget to know Damon braces cost and traditional braces cost both.

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