Cut It Out: 7 Foods That Slow Metabolism

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Everything from your vitamin intake to your muscle mass affects your body’s metabolism.

Metabolism is your body’s process of converting your food and drink intake into energy. You need this energy to eat, sleep, run, breathe, etc. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Because metabolism is linked to weight loss and gain, many people have become obsessed with researching this chemical process. Many have found some common foods to be the culprit of slowing their body’s metabolic rate.

Below is a list of 7 foods that slow metabolism. Keep an eye out for these foods in your home pantry.

  1. Fried Fast Food

We’re all guilty of rushing to the drive-thru after a long day at work. Grabbing a cheeseburger and fries sounds way better than cooking after you’ve been dealing with clients all day.

While the occasional cheeseburger won’t kill you, fried food is one of the worst foods to slow down metabolism. This is because of all the trans fat found in the food.

Even if you’re not decreasing your caloric intake, you’ll notice a major difference when you cut out fried food. Your body will be thanking you.

  1. Soda

We know soda isn’t necessarily food, but this bubbly drink plays a major role in slowing down your body’s metabolic rate. Give a big thanks to the high fructose corn syrup for that one!

Drinking too much soda puts you at higher risk for diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. Cut this drink out of your life, or severely limit your intake.

Try drinks to boost metabolism, such as hot ginger tea or coconut water.

  1. ‘Healthy’ Granola Bars

Unfortunately, tons of people have fallen victim to the deceit of ‘healthy’ granola bars. They thought these bars were metabolism-boosting foods while many of them actually hurt your body’s metabolism.

Tons of granola bars on the market contain preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and sneaky amounts of sugar. If you’re going to buy some bars to keep for your busy days, take a long look at the ingredient list.

While natural bars are more expensive, you’ll find it easier to lose or maintain weight with bars that contain natural fruits and nuts.

  1. White Flour

Our parents fed us delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when we were younger as a quick, easy lunch. They also probably used white bread. Uh-oh.

White bread, and other foods made with white flour, are tasty but contain highly processed ingredients and sugars. Because white flour has no fiber, your body’s digestion process slows way down.

It’s better to opt for whole wheat bread and pasta. If you find the taste of whole wheat pasta boring, jazz it up with a fresh tomato sauce and other fresh veggies.

  1. Alcohol

You might be reaching for your glass of wine right now. While a glass of red wine every now and then isn’t bad, drinking too much alcohol slows your metabolism.

Most people are concerned about the calories that alcohol contains, but you should be more worried about how much it slows your body’s ability to burn fat. Plus, you make it even harder for your body when you mix it with soda.

Do you want a drink on the weekends? Limit your drink intake, and stick with drinks such as red wine or vodka waters.

  1. Microwave Frozen Meals

Just like fast food, microwave frozen meals offer quick solutions to busy days. These meals tend to be tasteless and lacking nutrition. They’re packed with sugars and trans fat.

Yes, this even means to be cautious of your ‘lean’ frozen meals. Read the ingredients, and look up how these meals are made.

If you need meal solutions for busy work days, try meal prepping steamed vegetables, whole grain rice, and lean grilled chicken strips.

  1. Yogurt

Traditional yogurt contains almost zero protein, unlike the more protein-packed Greek yogurt. Instead of filling it with protein, companies like to fill it with sugar and fake fruit.

Steer clear of traditional yogurt, especially the variations filled with things like chocolate candy and crushed cookies. Your body will lack protein and start breaking down muscle mass. Less muscle mass equals slower metabolism.

Purchase Greek yogurt. Add fresh fruit and oats. For a little bit of sweetness, throw in a few drops of natural honey.

Slow Metabolism Symptoms

Doing the research for weight loss is exhausting so we’ll help you out a bit by giving you some common slow metabolism symptoms.

A slow metabolism can result in crazy sugar cravings, consistent weight gain, bloating, high blood sugar, imbalanced hormones, and lots of gas. If you’re unsure about your symptoms, make an appointment with a doctor or local nutritionist.

Besides eating the above-mentioned foods, there are several factors that could be causing slow metabolism. These factors include age, gender, activity levels, and drugs.

What Foods Should I Eat?

There are plenty of ways, including eating the proper foods, that can help boost your metabolism.

Eat foods rich in protein and minerals. Try lean chicken, legumes, salmon, and nuts. Your body will love the boost of nutrition.

As far as drinks, mix some apple cider vinegar in with fresh juice. Have a warm cup of green tea or black coffee. And never forget to drink tons of water!

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What to Avoid 101: Foods That Slow Metabolism

Are you trying to shed some extra weight? Help yourself out by avoiding foods that slow metabolism.

Skip the drive-thru or microwave frozen meals in the evening, and try cooking a fresh meal instead. Avoid alcohol and soda by sticking with water and tea. Steer clear of foods with processed ingredients and high fructose corn syrup.

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