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Construction Industry Needs to Watch Their Reputation in Montreal

As Herman Tumurcuoglu, the Montreal SEO Expert watches the news he can’t help but be discouraged by the protests happening in Montreal. What kind of image, brand, and reputation does it put out to tourists that Montreal is swamped with protests from construction workers, students, and the police force. This morning, the SEO Expert was please to heart that a special new legislation was passed ordering all construction workers back to work. The new law states that all construction workers need to go back to work with a 1.8{2e7b4b4bb4237f7afb66ad59d59901d5cb12b0a6887a5429cb609a12635a799b} pay raise. Any worker who refuses to do so may face fines and possibly jail time. The legislation comes as tourists begin to pour into Montreal. Among the reasons why Montreal is going to be a touristic hotspot this summer, the city is celebrating 375 years since it’s foundation. Not to mention that it is the summer, the spring rainfall has stopped, and the festivities and activities are about to start in Montreal. However, how can tourists get around with all the construction going on? Well, they will have to use public transport and trains to get on and off the island.

The Montreal SEO Expert is among few in the industry of tech that understands the importance of a reputation. The pioneer of the web search industry understands how optimization affect results on and offline. If city workers and Montrealers are not respectful of their city and those around them this summer, it may heavily impact Montreal’s projected touristic revenue for the summer. To elaborate, the revenue projected is estimated at $2 billion more than regular summers because of the 375 and 150 (Canada) celebrations this summer. Tumurcuoglu and fellow Montrealers are urging Denis Codere, the Montreal Mayor, to pass certain laws so the summer can go smoothly. Not to push anything off but this summer is the summer that will dictate whether Montreal is put back on the international tourism map or not. A couple of months is not worth screwing that up for. For more information on how you can manage your reputation with SEO expertise on and offline, contact the Montreal SEO Expert using the link above.

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