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Common Reasons You may be Denied Entry in the United States

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Travel experiences can be full of frustrations, humiliation, and inconveniences, but none will beat denial of an entry visa after landing. It can hurt more if you were to attend an urgent business or an emergency.

The reasons for the denial of visa may be numerous. That situation leaves you desperate, not knowing what to do if the immigration official did not disclose the reason behind your inadmissibility.

Here are some reasons for inadmissibility. Before you get in touch with an immigration attorney in Los Angeles for further clarification, you should at least know of the two types of admissibility:

Criminal Admissibility

US border officials take all manner of offenses seriously. They consider even cases that took place outside their territory. Any criminal record is enough grounds for inadmissibility.

Medical Inadmissibility

Based on any previous medical reports and the one taken by a medical officer on the ground, you can be inadmissible on health grounds.

1.      Involvement in Human Rights Violations

Human rights violations involve taking part in heinous acts of war. Such acts include war crimes, crimes against humanity, or as a senior government official who sanctions gross violations of human rights.

2.      Having a Criminal Record

You may not have an opportunity to enter the United States if you have a past criminal record. The nature of the crime does not matter, as long as it is illegal in the country of origin and the US. Examples include reckless driving, drug possession, manslaughter, etc.

3.      Involvement in Organized Crime

If the existing evidence proves that you are a member of the mafia, terrorist group, a gang, or any form of an organized criminal group, you will cannot obtain an entry visa into the US.

4.      You are a Danger to Public Health or Safety

If the doctor assesses you and considers any disease that you have has a potential impact on the health or safety of the public. Conditions such as measles, hepatitis, influenza, etc. are in the group authorities believe are a threat to public health.

Non-communicable diseases such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorders are associated with a risk of irrational behavior and violent outbursts, which are also grounds for inadmissibility.

5.      Potential to Cause Demands for Health or Social Services

A person may not enter the country if the condition they have may require excessive demand with a possibility of draining the US healthcare system.

You can talk to your lawyer to help in Temporary Residence Permit based on humanitarian or compassionate discretion that looks into the interest of directly affected minors.

6.      Financial Reasons

Failure to prove to the ability to support yourself or dependents can lead to inadmissibility. If you are unable to verify a meaningful source of income from skilled labor or investments, the United States will see you as a burden and deny your entry visa.

7.      Misrepresentation

The withholding of materials or facts that could interfere with the US border officials from enforcing the immigration laws qualifies you for inadmissibility.

8.      Possible Overstay

Overstaying your visa or having a past proving that proves you may do so; you will not go past the border officials. For example, if you are a student and stayed beyond the visa’s date of renewal, you will not enter into the United States.

Remember that at any given time, when traveling with another inadmissible person, you are likely to be held at the airport. Your immigration attorney can provide helpful information when caught up at the point of entry.


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