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Common Myths About Window Tinting

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Are you thinking about getting your vehicle’s windows tinted? It may be your first time considering window tinting, and you’re unsure whether it’ll be worth the money.

Before you make your final call, you need to learn about the common myths surrounding window tinting and whether they’re valid. This way, you’ll feel more confident in your decision and get the best outcome possible.

Here’s a guide that will teach you all you need to know about the most common myths of window tinting and how to prevent them from affecting you.

The Health Hazards of Window Tinting

Common myths about window tinting suggest that it is a health hazard with the potential to expose you to chemicals or cause cancer. However, the truth is that it does not pose a significant health hazard. The tinting materials used are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and contain no harmful vapors.

The truth is that window tinting can provide several health benefits Including reducing glare from the sun and protecting furniture and carpets from sun damage. It also helps prevent harmful UV rays from entering a vehicle.

The Difficulty of Removing Window Tint

In reality, any individual can remove a window film with the right tools, and while it can be tedious, it is not a difficult task. Furthermore, replacing tinted windows is not expensive and can be done within a reasonable budget.

The difficulty lies instead in properly installing window tint. Careless installation may lead to incorrect tinting or scratching the window surface.

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Window Tint Affects Resale Value

Window tinting can certainly be an advantage to a vehicle’s resale value, depending on the vehicle itself. For example, certain luxury vehicles often come with factory-installed privacy tint which can improve the vehicle’s resale value. On the other hand, window tinting can also hurt a vehicle’s resale value if applied to older, cheaper cars that may have depreciated significantly.

Overall, the effect window tinting will have on a vehicle’s resale value depends on a variety of factors such as the type of vehicle and the quality of the window tint itself, not simply the fact that it has been applied at all.

Window Tint and Driver Safety

Common window tinting myths for driver safety include that tinting on a vehicle’s windows will cause the driver to see issues on the road and become easily distracted. This is false. National standards dictate that all window film needs to provide an optical clarity that is equal to that of factory standard glass so visibility while driving is not compromised.

Additionally, tint film helps to reduce the sun’s debilitating effects, including glare and heat levels inside the vehicle, allowing the driver to be more comfortable and, thus, safer. The use of heat-reflective film also helps to provide a cooling effect inside the car, increasing overall comfort and reducing the risk of an accident due to driver fatigue.

Get Your Car Window Tinted Today

Window tinting can be extremely beneficial for keeping your vehicle cool, reducing glare, blocking UV rays, and offering privacy and security. It does not, however, dramatically reduce the visibility from the outside.

To maximize the benefits of window tinting, contact a professional window tinting specialist to get your car tinted the right way.

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