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Comfort Comes First: How to Buy a Leisure Bra

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The pandemic changed a lot of opinions on bras. Some women are happy to go without wearing one, while others are foregoing traditional underwire bras for more comfortable options.

What about you? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you’re likely interested in a bra that keeps you cool and comfortable — even during sleep or leisure activities.

Did you know there’s a leisure bra designed just for that? Keep reading as we discuss how to choose the best leisure bra for you.

What Is a Leisure Bra?

Before you assume that the words “bra” and “leisure” could never go together, let us assure you that this is not your typical bra.

Forget annoying clasps, stuffy padding, or poking underwire. You can also forget the squished, sticky feeling that often accompanied sports bras. You won’t find any of that with a leisure comfort bra.

Instead, you can expect minimal, lightweight coverage that feels like a second skin. You also won’t find any lacy, frilly fabrics — just stretchy, breathable materials that make you forget you’re even wearing a bra.

For an example of the style, click for Rhonda Shear bras and see their original “Ahh bra.”

What Should I Look for in the Best Leisure Bra?

The whole reason you’re getting a leisure bra is to forget you’re wearing it, so comfort is the ultimate concern. Forget about a bra to lift your breasts or enhance cleavage — your goal is to maximize comfort while providing just enough support.

Look for breathable materials that stretch to conform to your body shape. Cotton is always a good choice, but you might consider modal or bamboo if you tend to run hot or suffer from night sweats.

Ideally, your leisure bra won’t feature any extra padding or adjustable straps. The four-way stretch material should naturally conform to your figure without the need for any adjustments. Under a T-shirt or tank top, it should be virtually invisible.

How Can I Choose the Right Fit?

There’s a leisure bra for large breasts, small breasts, and every size in between. Rather than traditional sizing with numbers and letters (i.e., “32B” or “38D”), you’re more likely to find small, medium, large, etc.

When you try on leisure bras, look for a band that’s secure and level all the way around, without riding up at the back. It should sit snugly underneath your breast tissue, but not so tight that it pinches.

The straps should run parallel to your back and sit comfortably on your shoulders (without digging in). Your breasts should rest comfortably enclosed in the bra without bulging or gaping over the top or at the sides.

Sleep and a Leisure Bra: A Winning Combination

A seamless leisure bra belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. It offers just the right amount of support while you relax, lounge, or even sleep! Use the tips above to help you find the best leisure bra for your needs.

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