Adding Gym Mats to Your Exercise Area

Comfort and Safety: Gym Mats

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Did you ever experience struggling to maintain your position while performing your exercises? Or maybe you noticed that there is a missing element of security at your home gym? One of the essential fitness accessories we need to focus on is gym mats.

These are floor protection materials responsible for ensuring that you get the maximum safety during your routines. Having a comfortable environment removes your worries which results in positive progress towards your workouts. Thus, it is essential to take this fitness equipment into priority before anything else.

An Overview of Gym Mats

A good gym mat provides the necessary protection on the exercise surface, makes safe footing, and gives a cushion to avoid injuries during high-impact activities. There are many gym mats available in the market to date. One of the most popular floor protection materials is yoga mats, but there are other varieties such as cardio mats, weight lifting mats, and other exercise mats.

Aside from being excellent support during your exercises, gym mats are also helpful for other purposes. They can come in handy when providing extra padding for different activities such as mechanical work, landscaping, and other repair jobs. It is the leading choice when talking about additional protection because of its versatility and functionality.

Types of Gym Mats

There is a wide range of gym mats available in the market. The variety of designs tend to be very confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the different types and classifications. It can be a little too overwhelming to see several gym mats out there. When picking the perfect gym mat, it is vital to go over each of the options available.

Yoga Mats

These mats are relatively better than any other cheap and thin flooring materials that you often see at dollar stores. A yoga mat can provide a safe and comfortable area for you to perform your exercises. These are easy to clean, sanitize, and maintain. It is widely popular because of its non-porous material, which is indicative of its potential to remain affixed on the floor surface. It has a sticky and non-skid side, which comes in handy when performing various yoga poses.

Pilates Mats

Pilates mats are specialized mats that have a sticky side similar to that of a yoga mat. These two mats are often confused because of their interchangeable features. However, a Pilates mat has padding and tends to be thicker for about half an inch. The presence of additional cushions makes it particularly suitable for Pilates exercises.

Foam Mats

It is often called puzzle mats because of the interlocking edges that can be easily combined and disassembled. This type of flooring solution is the most common and most popular compared to the other floor mats because of its practicality. It is affordable, functional, and storage-friendly. Many have recommended using foam mats because it provides enough cushion for an excellent shock absorbency regardless of the space available. These mats are commonly present at personal and commercial settings, such as daycare centers, martial arts classes, schools, and home gyms.

Exercise Mats

A perfect fitness mat is transportable, easy to maintain, and durable. These mats are often present at most commercial gyms and home gyms because of their features. It provides added comfort when performing strenuous floor activities such as crunches, stretches, and bends.

Professional Fitness Mats

These mats are often known as cheer mats. It typically has a carpet top that is suited for professional competitions and athletic meets. Every professional mat must be thick enough to provide coverage and protection against blunt force injuries. These mats should have advanced shock absorbent features to withstand intense pressure.

Floor Protectors

Do you often notice thick flooring in an auto mechanic shop during your maintenance schedule? This mat has enough traction to keep car equipment in place. These are often present as a permanent flooring solution to protect the surface from undesirable damages from heavy-duty machines and fitness equipment. It is the mat of choice if you want to keep your garage floor maintained and protected from uncontrolled situations like dropping heavy loads, falling equipment parts, and many more.

Gym mats are an essential floor covering that helps in transforming any area into the best possible exercise space for your home gym or any fitness facility. It is versatile and is suitable for either small or large settings.

Get maximum safety and comfort with the help of gym mats. These are your all-around surface and floor protection accessory. You can install it as a cushion between the floor and your fitness equipment to avoid cracks and scratches. It also features absorbent materials to prevent sweat and leakages from having unnecessary puddle build-up. Get yourself protected from injuries brought about by an intense impact.

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