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Choosing the Right Underwear for Your Body Type

Buying sexy underwear is not all about looking for sassy colours, trending styles or designer wear. Lingerie is designed in different styles to accentuate specific areas of a woman’s body while reducing others. Naturally, women look for designer women’s knickers that may not match their figures. The next discussion elaborates on how to choose sexy lace knickers based on your body type.

The Athletic Body

Women with this body type have a slim and well-toned figure with a perky bottom. Their curves are pretty small, making a lacy thong the best pick. A thong sits slightly above the leg and tends to have deeper sides than the G-strings. As a result, it maintains the natural shape and curves of an athletic body while creating a cutaway back. It is also an excellent alternative for eliminating the annoying panty line. Women with athletic bodies should avoid wearing high-waist briefs since they don’t need the support and coverage this underwear provides. Also, high-waist briefs create an awkward, boxy silhouette around the waist and the hips.

Apple Figures

Women with this kind of shape have larger busts and a full mid-section though the hips are pretty narrow. When shopping for erotic underwear, for example, women go for the classic briefs. They create a flattering and comfortable look while covering your bum fully. Mid-rise style knickers are also great as they sit on your hips to cover your stomach. Most women buy full-knickers in a bid to obtain full-coverage of their perkier area (the tummy). On the contrary, full-knickers highlight the fullest part of your body, making you appear bigger.

Petite Figures

This kind has a straight shape and tends to be androgynous. Petite women also have short legs and have a less defined waist thus, when choosing sexy lace knickers, they should look for something with minimal material, e.g., underwear with a high cut at the legs and a low waistband. Bikinis accentuate their figures perfectly. They should avoid wearing full brief knickers because it makes the legs appear shorter, bottom to look bigger the torso to seem slashed. Petite women should also avoid wearing shorts as they flatten the bottom and reduce the sides. Although they create length, they cut into the bum and tighten it, creating a rather unsettling bulge. Brazillian knickers are somewhat sassy, but the volume of the material used to create this underwear covers too much flesh. Underwear with a lower rise fit best.

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