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Choosing a Ditch Witch for Sale

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Ditch Witch is one of the leading brands of agricultural and construction equipment, offering a host of durable and valuable heavy equipment.

Trenchers are among their best-selling products, with many useful applications across both industries. So, if you want to simplify or expand your construction or landscaping operations, it’s time to start looking for a ditch witch for sale.

These are the things to consider in your search.

What Is a Ditch Witch?

A Ditch Witch is an underground trencher widely used in the construction industry. Ditch Witch is one of those brand names that’s become synonymous with trenching machines, and the terms are often used interchangeably.

The Ditch Witch has a small internal combustion engine that transfers power as a lawn tractor does. It drives a vertical bucket line to dig a trench utilizing a continuous conveyor chain.

The result is usually a 4-inch wide trench that’s thirty inches deep, ideal for smaller applications.

Ditch Witches use a sonde in the drill head housing to guide the drill head along the pilot bore path and exit at the desired location. This device provides information regarding location, depth, and transmitter telemetry to a remote display to help guide the operator.

The brand is well known for using the best transmitter and best locator in the business. They also manufacture stand-on skid steers, directional drills, and vacuum excavators.

Choosing the Best Trencher for Your Needs

Some common uses for trenchers include:

  • Irrigation system installation
  • Low-voltage wiring installations
  • Landscape edging and fencing
  • Tree root pruning

The first decision to make is whether you need a ride-on or walk-behind trencher.  If you regularly need to go more than 250 feet, it’s best to opt for a ride-on trencher.

Likewise, a ride-on trencher is your best bet if you need to make multiple trenches. Walk-behind trenchers work best for depths of 48-inches or less with a width of below 8 inches.

One of the most important types of locators to consider in your purchase is one that helps you determine the location of underground utilities.

Self-propelled trenchers are easier to operate, while pneumatic tires make manual ones easier to maneuver. Turning radius is another important consideration, especially if your trenching needs go beyond straight lines.

Trenchers that deposit soil neatly beside the trench make clean-up easier and faster.

Are You Considering a Used Ditch Witch for Sale?

There isn’t much that can go wrong with a Ditch Witch, apart from the usual combustion engine troubles, so you’re usually safe opting for a cheaper, used model.

If your purchase requires repairs, it’s also easy to buy parts like refurbished transmitters and sondes online.

Decisions, Decisions

Every business decision always boils down to your budget. So, when considering a Ditch Witch for sale, it’s important to weigh up the costs of buying vs renting one per project.

These complex machines can be expensive, so it’s only cost-effective to buy one if you dig trenches often.

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