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Challenges Newlyweds Face and How to Handle Them

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Once the honeymoon is over and the “Just Married” signs are removed, the real work of having a healthy marriage begins. Approximately 2,126,126 weddings took place in 2019 alone, and the wedding industry continues to grow.

If you’re wondering what type of problems newlyweds face, you’re not alone.

Read on to learn about some common marriage problems along with helpful advice to newlyweds so you can experience wedded bliss for years to come.

Changes in Identity and Independence

Many newlyweds experience a mild identity crisis after the wedding is over. Your role may change both at home and in your personal life when it comes to relationships with others. It’s not uncommon to feel as if you’ve suddenly lost your identity as an individual.

Once you get married, you may also lose that sense of independence you once felt. The best advice for newlyweds dealing with these issues is to keep the lines of communication open.

Talk to your spouse about how you feel and make sure you both understand your individual roles, and your roles together as a couple. If you’re still struggling, consider getting marriage help through counseling or therapy.

Problems with Newlyweds: Conflict at Home

If you didn’t live together before you got married, you could face a variety of issues once you start to cohabitate. Living together completely changes the dynamic between two people and how they coexist.

Maybe you’re struggling with your spouse’s lack of doing chores. Or, perhaps they have friends over during the week when you need to go to work the next day.

If you’re running into conflicts due to sharing the same space, hash these issues out immediately. The sooner you come up with ground rules you both agree on, the happier you’ll be. You can agree to split chores or give each other a separate space to relax and spend time alone.

Financial Woes

Another common problem that newlyweds deal with involves money and finances. If your spouse has lots of debt, it’s something you’ll need to tackle together.

Spending too much on credit cards is another common problem. Always make sure that you both have the same financial goals and habits in terms of saving and spending.

If you’re struggling with financial issues as a couple, consider talking to a debt counselor or a financial advisor. They can help you work toward your money and financial goals together so you can plan for the future. Don’t let money woes get in the way of a happy marriage!

Communication Equals a Happy Marriage

While not all newlyweds will face the same problems, keeping the lines of communication open is the key to a healthy relationship. Never be afraid to talk to your spouse about how you feel so that you can both work on improving any problems you might deal with.

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