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CBD Oil vs Tincture: What’s the Difference?

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Are you new to the world of cannabis products?

If so, join the club.

It’s important to understand that not all cannabis products are created equal. That’s because the cannabis plant contains a variety of compounds, each offering different benefits. The key is to discover which type of products are best for your needs.

Here we take a look at what you need to know to understand the differences between CBD oil vs tincture and how they can benefit your lifestyle. Keep reading our guide to the types of CBD products to learn more about how to take your health and happiness to the next level.

The Basics

Let’s start by discussing CBD. In the most basic terms, it is a cannabinoid that’s derived from cannabis and industrial hemp.

Even though CBD comes from marijuana cannabis, it contains less than 0.3% THC, thus it’s non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD won’t make you high. And yet it still offers a variety of benefits.

The Benefits of Using CBD

As the laws regarding marijuana use have changed in a number of states across the country, more and more people have begun experimenting with medicinal marijuana to reduce anxiety and chronic pain.

But you don’t have to rely on THC to treat these types of symptoms. That’s because CBD is also an effective form of pain relief.

In fact, people everywhere are discovering that CBD products are ideal for treating anxiety, aches and pains, and to help them sleep better at night. Best of all, you can use CBD while driving or at work without worrying about getting high.


CBD oil is a form of CBD isolate that’s been pulled from the sativa strain of cannabis through a CO2 extraction process. It’s then diffused into a carrier oil to make it safe for human consumption.

Keep in mind that carrier oils are typically natural products such as hemp seed oil or coconut-based oil.

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CBD Tincture

CBD tinctures are created using a process that involves saturating hemp material. This product transforms the hemp into high-proof alcohol while heating it very slowly.

What are the Differences?

The main difference between these 2 products is the fact that CBD oil is produced using CO2 extraction while a CBD tincture is created through the use of alcohol.

Deciding which one is the best product boils down to a personal choice based primarily on the intended use.

The Difference Between CBD Oil vs Tincture

It’s no secret that cannabis products have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Fortunately, this guide to understanding the difference between CBD oil vs tincture provides the information you need to choose the perfect products for your lifestyle.

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