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CBD Hemp Salve: How Does It Work?

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Did you know that growing hemp dates back to 2800 BCE in China? It should come as no surprise that hemp salve has been used to treat various ailments for quite some time now.

In fact, using CBD hemp salve is safe for many topical applications, from skincare to sore muscle relief. Made from extracts from the hemp plant, salves are one of the many products that we use the hemp plant for.

Are you interested in learning more about how CBD hemp products can be used in your daily life? Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it might add value to your life.

What Is CBD Hemp Salve?

A salve is a thick textured product used for multiple applications. Salve includes a thickening agent, which takes it from a lotion consistency to a thick spreadable product. This is usually done with beeswax, which has its benefits for the skin.

Adding an extract from the hemp plant lends a healing property to the salve. This will also be hydrating topical, which will be ultra-moisturizing because it coats the skin and takes longer to soak in vs lotion.

How to Use CBD Hemp Salve

During times that you are experiencing sore muscles, dry skin, inflammation, or any other reason that you might want to use your CBD hemp salve.

On clean skin, take a small amount of CBD salve on your finger, a cotton swab, or applicator, and rub into the affected area until the product is no longer on top of the skin, but starting to absorb.

When something is applied topically (on the skin), it soaks into the skin and goes into the body where it can connect with the receptors. In the case of CBD products, it connects with cannabinoid receptors, and that is how it eases pain or heals the skin.

If you are using CBD hemp salve to ease muscle soreness, the application can be done with a gentle massaging motion to boost the effect.

How CBD Oil Differs From CBD Hemp Salve

You might be wondering what the difference between CBD oil and salve is, and why you should use one vs the other.

The main difference between a CBD oil and a CBD hemp salve is going to be the texture

Another major difference between these two depends on the manufacturer and the intended use. CBD oil might contain a higher concentration of cannabinoids or a wider range of them.

This is where it can get confusing, and seems to have terms and facts switched around. Though they are similar on many levels, the cannabis and hemp plants differ in their THC content, and if the product comes from the cannabis plant, it could contain more THC, which is the psychoactive chemical.

Hemp is classified as a plant that contains less than .03% of THC.

Who Should Use CBD Topicals?

Some people prefer to ask their doctor before using a topical CBD product. Though it is not common, topical products could interact with prescription medications.

Reading your salve label, such as the ones found on, will educate you as to exact directions and ingredients. Added essential oils such as lavender have their benefits and can broaden the healing properties of the product.

Starting With Salves

A CBD hemp salve is simple to use, and highly effective as easing muscle soreness and soothing skin irritations, and can also be used as an ultra-moisturizing skin topical. Rub on some salve and pop on over to check out some of our other posts on improving the quality of life.

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