Casual T-Shirts for Men

Casual T-Shirts for Men Can Be Stylish: Here’s How

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Every year, around 2 billion t-shirts are sold in the world. These are great casual shirts that go with practically anything, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise why they’re so popular.

Considering you probably have a few in your wardrobe, you’ve probably never really given them a second thought. They’re just for casual wear, right? Surely t-shirts are only for laidback occasions?

Here, you’d be wrong! Casual t-shirts for men can easily be transformed into something stylish. And not just in one way either!

If you’re interested in learning more, then read on. We’ll show you several ways to dress up your casual t-shirts!

Wear a Button up Over Your T-Shirt

A way to instantly upgrade your look is to wear a button up over your t-shirts. You can, of course, always button it up to give a neat layered look.

But if you have some graphic tees you want to show off, go ahead and leave it unbuttoned. This allows you to get a more “adult” and mature look without having to hide or throw away the t-shirts you’re most proud of.

This also means that if you have a nice dinner with your in-laws, you won’t look like you’ve just gotten in from the skatepark. And the best thing of all is, this is such an easy and affordable way to dress up your tees!

Wear a Demin Jacket Over Your T-Shirt

Another way to upgrade your t-shirts is to wear a demin jacket over them.

So if you’ve got one collecting dust in your closet, you can switch it up by wearing your button ups sometimes and your demin jacket on other occasions. This will give you a more versatile look so your style is more varied and not as monotone.

Try a Cardigan Too

With our suggestions, you’ll be digging out pieces of clothing that haven’t gotten usage in a while, so this is a great way to deep dive in your closet!

Cardigans are great for more upscale (but still casual) events since they give you that “grandpa” look (but in a good way, of course). You can even pair it with some jeans and it’ll still look good!

Cardigans are an outstanding way to give your outfits a more sophisticated appearance, but without much effort on your part. It’s perfect for lazy guys!

Throw a Jacket Over Your T-Shirt

Maybe it’s too cold to wear just a button up, demin jacket, or cardigan. In that case, you should pair your t-shirts with a nice jacket. This is perfect for those autumn days where it’s a bit cold, but not so chilly that you need a whole overcoat to stay warm.

This is also perfect to wear if you need to go out and meet someone for lunch or dinner. Once you get inside and it’s nice and warm, you can take off your jacket and show off your cool tees.

Get Your Blazer Out

For a more formal affair, dust your blazer off and put it on over your t-shirt. Don’t button it up so everyone can see your tee’s designs and/or patterns.

A blazer and t-shirt combo is perfect for those of you who want to look put-together but not stuffy. You can further enhance this look by wearing some clean sneakers. Channel that David Tennant Dr. Who look!

Pair With Shorts That Fit Well

You might have those baggy cargo shorts you love wearing, so your first thought is to pair your t-shirts with those. However, this can give you a messy look.

Instead, get yourself a nice pair of shorts that fit you well. This means they shouldn’t go past your knees and the width should be slim fit and not wide.

Throw on a pair of clean sneakers, Vans, or even a pair of your nicer shoes and you’ll be ready for a stroll down the street or the boardwalk!

Wear Dark Jeans or Slacks

Dark colors always give outfits a more refined look. So if you’re at a loss as to what to wear to a nice dinner, this just might save you in a pinch.

This is especially true if you have a blazer that matches your jeans. This will transform you into a stylish and dapper man pronto!

Give It to Your Girlfriend

Who says men’s shirts always belong on men? A nice t-shirt like the ones from Jasper Holland Co. can get a second life with your girlfriend if you’re bored of your shirts and really can’t find a new and interesting way to wear them.

Assuming that you’re larger than your SO, the t-shirt will be baggy on her, but it won’t necessarily look messy. She can wear your tees with some leggings, or shorts and tights, and finish off the look with ankle boots.

She can vary this look slightly as well. She can tuck in the shirt completely, halfway, or tie it in a knot. If she opts for the last choice, the knot can fall at different areas of her torso for varied looks.

Upgrade Your Casual T-Shirts for Men

If you’ve got some t-shirts hanging up in your closet and you’ve been thinking about tossing them out, then think again. As you can see, casual t-shirts for men can be easily converted into stylish tops that complement a wide variety of outfits.

So breathe new life into your men’s t-shirts. Everyone will be amazed at your fashion sense!

Speaking of fashion, for more tips, check out the rest of our blog page!

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