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Carpet Cleaning Of Manicure

1 – Put a cloth on the spot and press it well, until the removal of any residue of nail polish from the carpet, and focus on the pressure and not rubbing, to avoid the expansion of the spot

2 – Use the spoon spoon to scrape dry paint on the carpet

3 – Immerse a piece of white cotton in a small amount of nail remover, and then wipe the place of the spot well, and you will notice the disappearance of the spot completely

4 – fan the carpet to get rid of the smell of acetone

Wash the organza curtains

1 – Fill the bathtub with lukewarm water and soap or detergent for furniture, then put the curtains and wash well with repeated rinsing to avoid the presence of soap

2 – shake it well so you do not need ironing, and spread it in a place with air شركات النظافة  but away from the sun

Cleaning the curtains is in place / method of cleaning the blinds hanging

* There are several ways to clean the curtains are hanging

1 – vacuum cleaner: –

– With each vacuum cleaner an additional part to clean the curtains you install when you want, use that part to remove dust from curtains up to down

– Then bring a bowl of water and powder free of the ovary and my labia this to mix and wipe the temperature gently and will be very clean.

2 – Steam cleaning: – This method will be very easy, but if you have a steam cleaner, just pass  شركة تنظيف  the head of the device on the curtain and cleaned from top to bottom.

– Allow it to dry automatically, without opening the windows so that the opening of windows will not attract dust to the curtains

First, make sure your jacket is clean.

Clean the curtains from dust

– The solution is very easy and simple is the vacuum cleaner, just put the head cleaning the custom curtains and the attachment with the broom

– Slide this section on the curtains from top to bottom and you will notice dust and dust completely disappear.

Clean the blinds from the mold

1 – Blend a sponge with a few soaked sauces and vinegar, and rub the place of mold

2 – Wash the curtain with a mixture of washing powder + a cup of baking soda

3 – Unscrew the curtain until it is completely dry

Method of cleaning wooden curtains

  1. Open all windows as a source of ventilation

2 – Wipe a piece of cloth with warm water and soap, and wipe the wood carefully and the curtains themselves, but avoid rubbing.

Cleaning Curtains

1 – Bally sponge sponge cleaner diluted with water

2 – then add the burqa, and then Blli sponge other cleaning water and wipe the burqa, and threatened to expose the air to dry

Then wipe the marble with a wet towel, and then dry it with a clean dry towel.

 Cement remover of tiles

– Mix the vinegar and water together, then place them on the cement and leave for a quarter of an hour

– Brush the tiles with an old toothbrush, and repeat the scrubs until the cement is finished

Method of removing gypsum from the wall / ceiling

– First make sure the wall is clean of dust or dust

– Spray the raw chlorine on the gypsum on the wall and rub it with a clean dry towel and you will notice the difference.

Clean the gypsum residue

– Sprinkle the remaining white plaster gypsum and leave for about 10 minutes

– Wipe a wet towel with clean water and vinegar residue and you can add water freshener to eliminate the smell of vinegar.

Clean the white plaster

– Mix half a cup of soda bicarbonate + oxygen water + 1 tablespoon of the liquid mixture

– Leave mixture on gypsum for 5 minutes or longer

– Wash the place with water and repetition until you make sure the cleanliness of the place

– Do not forget to wear a rubber glove

Clean the plaster from the dust

– Mix a little ammonia with water, mix the sponge with this mixture and clean the plaster

– It can also be wiped with soap and chlorine, then wipe it with a wet towel to remove any traces of soap

– * It is recommended that the plaster is not colored

How to Clean a Gypsum Board

– Remove the dust with a dry towel

Apply a clean towel with a little water and soap and turn it on, then wipe the wall

– Blilly another towel with water and wipe the wall to get rid of the effects of soap


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