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Bug Off! Top 5 Pest Control Hacks for Your Home

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Did you know that the average home has over 100 species of bugs? This may seem like a lot of different pests, but most of these are pretty harmless and noninvasive, such as spiders that help to eat other critters.

However, some species can easily get out of hand if you do not take control of the problem. Would you like to learn some pest control tips you can use? Here are some of the top pest control hacks to keep your home bug-free.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Do you have fruit flies that you cannot get rid of? Since these winged bugs breed so quickly, they can seem like they get out of control really quickly.

One of the best ways that you can cut down your fruit fly population is through apple cider vinegar. Take some small bowls and fill them with apple cider vinegar. Then, poke holes through a plastic wrap film on top, and watch the flies accumulate.

2. Used Coffee Grounds

Although coffee may be fuel for humans, many pests tend to stay away from coffee grounds. Next time you make a fresh pot, do not dump your grounds in the trash or the compost. Use them as a natural bug repellant.

Sprinkle the coffee grounds around your home in places where you have seen bug infestations. You can also make a border on the outside of the house to prevent new critters from coming in.

3. Diatomaceous Earth

If you have pets or children, you may want to steer clear of toxic cleaners and bug repellants. A good solution for many types of bugs is diatomaceous earth, a completely natural material that you can get from any hardware store.

Although it is harmless and food-grade for humans, the individual particles of diatomaceous earth actually shred small bugs such as ants and fleas. Therefore, they try to stay away from this harmful substance.

4. Cleaning Excess Crumbs

Even if you use many methods to combat bugs, the practice of cleaning up after yourself is a great way to prevent them from coming in the first place. Always make sure to sweep up extra crumbs and sticky messes so you do not attract critters.

5. Bring in Professionals

If your outbreak is out of control and natural remedies do not work, then it may be time to bring in a pest control company. In fact, regularly using a pest control service can keep potential bug problems at bay so they will not get terrible.

This helpful link describes all of the benefits of using a pest control service on a regular basis.

Use These Pest Control Hacks

If you have critters in your home, you should not have to live with them invading your space. With these pest control hacks, you can get rid of them easily and go back to living a bug-free existence.

Would you like to learn more about ways that you can keep your home and property pristine? Take a look around our site for answers to all of your bug-related questions.

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