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Boosting Social Media Engagement with Psychology

For a company like the reputation management agency, it is important to always remember to be able to boost your social media engagement with psychology. Social media is busy every single day there are 350 million photos posted on Facebook alone, over 500 million tweets and over 85 million visuals get posted to Instagram. Thinking about how your content including your visuals that you post to your social media networks is important since you need to always think of your target market and how they will respond to this.

Emotional connections through visuals

Visuals attract more than simple words, which is important to know and to always keep in mind. For example, clothing company like Editorial would have a feed where they post pictures of their customers wearing their clothes and so on. It also allows you to build a relationship with your customers and that’s how social media helps your customer relationship management.

Being able to build exclusivity

According to Maslow’s theory, people need to feel like they belong to something whether its a community or to a family. This is the core of any social media platform since there are different communities and different demographics that share similar interests therefore you can have some insights from different people. For example, a company like Toms is a giving community since if you buy one pair of Toms shoes, they will donate another pair to someone in need that is less fortunate therefore at the same time, you are purchasing something you like and donating to others who need it.

Asking for help and advice

People love to feel like they are helping you in some way and some companies actually count on when they launch by asking customers for new marketing strategies and so on. How this works is you can have your site or your social media sites open to contributors that are your followers or they can even send you a personal message.

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