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Booked on Assault Charges? Here’s How to Find the Right Lawyer

You don’t need to cause any harm to attract assault charges in Florida, yet you can face up to 20 years in prison if you lose your case.

So, if you’re charged with aggravated assault, verbal assault, or sexual assault, you need a lawyer on your side fast. They can help reduce your charges, arrange a settlement out of court, or get you off the hook if you’re innocent.

Here’s how to find the best assault and battery attorney to give you a fighting chance in court.

Seek an Experienced Attorney

You need someone who knows the ropes if you want to escape unscathed from assault charges. So start your search by looking for a law firm that specializes in criminal law in your area.

Experience in your local court helps them navigate the criminal procedure easier and avoid curveballs that can harm your case.

Search their website for clues about their areas of specialization. The best assault and battery attorney knows how to defend you from every type of assault charge, regardless of how serious it is.

Check Their Reputation

Word of mouth is an excellent source of reliable information regarding the best lawyers in town, but you can also use the internet to look for reviews about various law firms.

You can also check state and local bar association websites to search for the best attorneys in your area.

You must work with a lawyer who responds promptly to your calls and questions. Furthermore, you don’t want to feel like just another client in stressful situations like this.

Confidence With Assault Charges

Courtroom confidence goes a long way toward winning your case. So you want an attorney that knows the law off the top of their head. They’ll need to make decisions on their feet during your case.

A neat, professional appearance and calm, well-spoken manner also go a long way toward creating a favorable impression. Your attorney represents you, after all, and you want to come across as a stand-up type of person.

Meet With the Attorney

It’s vital that you like the attorney you work with on your case.

You’ll need to share all the details of your assault and battery charge with them. So, it’s vital to choose an attorney that puts you at ease.

Ask them as many questions as you need to about their previous experience and areas of expertise. Remember, you’re paying the bills.

It’s very important to iron out the payment details upfront to avoid any awkwardness or stress later.

If you feel too intimidated to talk freely with the lawyer, you should consider looking elsewhere.

Don’t Take Chances

It’s never a good idea to face assault charges on your own. An experienced attorney can help you prevent penalties that can change your life forever.

Even if you’re convinced of your innocence, you need a professional to sway the jury in your favor.

Do you have more questions? Browse our blog for more information about the law and other topics that can help you in your daily life.

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