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Better Performance: 5 Sex Tips for Men

Do not be alarmed if you are having sexual performance issues. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that 52% of men have erectile dysfunction (ED) problems at some point in their lives. The question is, how do you deal with it?

Well, if you do a quick search online you’ll find a mountain of information from thousands of sources which can be overwhelming! In the end, it’s best to stick to the tried and tested fundamentals that have helped so many men before you.

Here we have five sex tips for men for better performance. Read through these tips, consider if they apply to you, and if they do try them out! It’s that simple.

So here are the tips:

1. Begin With Abstinence

Are you trying to have sex often? You may think if you keep trying to have sex every night or a few times a week that you’ll improve your performance, but this might not be the case.

To build up your and your partner’s libido, try abstaining for a period longer than you typically would. The idea is you build up that temptation over time to the point where you are both bursting to get in the bedroom and let out all that tension.

2. Cut Down on the Booze

If you drink alcohol heavily and regularly, your sexual performance can fade or even become nonexistent. You don’t have to go sober, but instead, try to lower and manage your alcohol intake to give yourself a fighting chance in the bedroom.

It may be that your sex life grows to new heights that you’ve never known with your partner when you pack in the booze. Plus, there will also be various other health benefits.

3. Invest in Sexual Enhancement Pills

Just like women, men sometimes need a little extra stimulation when it comes to sex. Try looking into getting some reputable sexual enhancement pills to give you the edge you want.

There are a vast array of enhancement pills for men on the market. And, different pills can help with different performance issues. For instance, some guys may want more stamina, while others might just need an initial boost to get them in the mood.

4. Spend More Time With Foreplay

One of the best sex tips for men is that they should focus more on foreplay. When you focus on foreplay, you get your partner more into the mood and feeling sexy!

If you build your partner into a super-lusty state where they are begging for it from you, it might just get you more turned on than usual and able to perform!

5. Talk About Your Issues

Instead of feeling embarrassed and shy about your problem, take the time to have a proper chat with your partner about your performance issues. The more humble you are about it, the more your partner may want to help.

After a good chat with your partner, you should feel way more at ease with things. Then, next time you’re in the bedroom, you might be in for a very nice surprise with the extra efforts your partner makes to get you stimulated!

Try Out These Sex Tips

At least one of the sex tips we’ve run through should help you back to better performance in the bedroom. We recommend you try them all out if you can! But if you want a surefire way to get performance every time, enhancement pills are a go-to option.

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