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Best Uses of Face Recognition Technology

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The use of face recognition technology is increasing rapidly over the last few years. New applications and products are being created and released almost every other day.

This was earlier a concept included in science fiction but now it is used for several purposes in real-life situations. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in the need for industries to improve opportunities created by face recognition technology.

 Face recognition is a contactless experience that is gradually becoming a way by which businesses can offer a better experience to their customers. Different AI models are trained to recognize the facial features of a person. Read ahead to know some of the major use causes of face recognition technology:

5 best applications of face recognition

AI-enabled face recognition technology is used for many purposes: to enhance user experience, to help in securing and monitoring a work environment, and pandemic control too. Here are the best use cases of face recognition:

 1. Surveillance & security

Surveillance systems have their presence globally in commercial, public settings, and residential, contributing to societal well-being and improved security. Be it the home cameras that are connected over Wi-Fi to the complicated IP camera systems, video surveillance systems provide effective real monitoring and can also store clips of past events for analysis. Integration of face recognition API by SkyBiometry can create a dramatic impact on the efficiency of surveillance and security across different sectors with cost cutting.

2. Law enforcement

 Law enforcement is an important use of face recognition since the technology was developed initially. Police have started using face recognition ethically for solving crimes, be it the identification of shoplifters or tracking criminals.

3. Personalized customer experience

There are different ways in which retail stores and restaurants can benefit from integrating face recognition in their service. Careless payments, hospitality, visitor analysis for business operators, smart advertisement, identification of VIP customers, and many more.

4. Fintech

Face recognition can change the conventional KYC procedures, increasing their efficiency and robustness. It opens a wide range of web-based financial services by digitalizing the whole process and allowing customers to do everything on their own using a mobile device or PC.

5. Time & Attendance 

The conventional systems of time and attendance need the employees to apply physical identification, personal information, and biometrics. Though, the first two ways have a higher risk of buddy punching, as the employees can lose their badges accidentally or share their pin code. Face recognition is a contactless way of keeping a track of the time and attendance of employees at the workplace.

That’s all you should know about face recognition technology and how it is used. With the growing technological developments everywhere, the use of face recognition technology is on the rise.

There are many aspects in which face recognition technology is used and generates appropriate outcomes. The efficiency of this technology has been proven in all aspects and that’s why it is being used in more and more fields. There are various devices and apps which are used in this technology.

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