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6 Qualities All the Best Independent Living Communities Share

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You want to make a move to an independent living community. But, what should you look for in a new home?

Independent living communities are designed to give retirees and people with disabilities the independence and choice that they want. But, it’s important to understand that all independent living facilities are not the same.

Not sure which independent living community is right for you? Keep reading for a customized list of key traits that indicate you’ve found the best independent living communities.

What Is an Independent Living Community?

An independent living community offers a retirement lifestyle in which residents have the freedom to live independently, without the worry of maintaining a home.

For many seniors, this type of situation is ideal, as it allows them to live in their own space while having access to on-site amenities and assistance when needed.

One of the main benefits of independent living is that it can provide seniors with a sense of community and socialization opportunities.

For many, this can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. In addition, these communities often offer a variety of activities and amenities that can help to promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

1. Supportive and Friendly Environment

When looking for an independent living community, it is important to find one that shares your values and offers a supportive and friendly environment.

The best independent living communities are those that provide residents with the opportunity to live in their own homes, within a supportive community of their peers.

These communities should offer a variety of amenities and services that allow residents to live their lives to the fullest, without having to worry about the day-to-day tasks of life.

The staff and members of the community should also be supportive and friendly, providing residents with the help and assistance they need to thrive.

2. Amenities and Activities

The best independent living communities offer a wide range of amenities and activities to keep residents engaged and active. Fitness centers, swimming pools, libraries, game rooms, and computer labs are just a few of the common features you’ll find.

Most importantly, these communities are designed with seniors in mind, providing a safe and positive environment for those who may need a little extra assistance.

3. Size

The best independent living communities are small. They have a limited number of residents, so everyone gets to know one another.

There’s a real sense of community and connection. There’s also a strong sense of safety. You feel like you’re part of a family, looking out for one another.

The smaller size also creates a more intimate and personalized environment. The staff gets to know each resident and their individual needs and preferences. They are more flexible and responsive to changes.

Independent living is also well-run. They have great amenities and are always clean and well-maintained. The staff is professional and attentive. They make sure residents have everything they need to live comfortable, safe, and happy lives.

4. Accreditations

All the best independent living communities share several key qualities in relation to accreditation.

They are accredited by well-respected organizations such as the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) or the National League of Cities (NLC). This ensures that the community meets high standards for quality and safety.

The best communities are transparent about their accreditation status, so you can easily see if they meet your standards. They use their accreditation to continually improve their services and offerings, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible experience.

5. Levels of Service

Independent living communities offer a wide range of services to their residents. Some of the best communities offer a variety of levels of service, from basic to premium.

This allows residents to choose the level of service that best suits their needs and budget. Basic levels of service typically include housekeeping, laundry, and transportation.

Premium levels of service may also include concierge service, chef-prepared meals, and private transportation. By offering a variety of levels of service, independent living communities can provide a high level of quality to all of their residents.

6. A Safe and Secure Environment

The best independent living communities share a common commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for their residents.

This environment is one that is free from crime and violence, and where residents can feel confident that their property and possessions are safe.

These communities typically have a variety of security measures in place, including security staff, surveillance cameras, and gates or fences. They also often have strict rules and regulations that residents must follow in order to help ensure the safety of everyone in the community.

Is Independent Living Worth It?

An independent living center may vary in cost, location, and the type and level of care they provide. Most communities require a long-term contract and require a large upfront investment. Monthly fees can also be expensive, and some communities require a buy-in fee.

Before signing a contract, it’s important to visit the community and meet with the staff to get a feel for the level of care and services provided. It’s also important to understand what your needs are and if the community can accommodate them.

It can be a great option for seniors who are healthy and active and don’t need much assistance. For people who need more care, an assisted living community may be a better option.

Know More About the Best Independent Living Communities Today

The best independent living communities share many qualities that make them ideal for seniors. These include a supportive and friendly environment, ample amenities and activities, and a staff that is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for residents.

If you are searching for an independent living community for yourself or a loved one, be sure to look for one that possesses these qualities.

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