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Best Anklet Designs That Will Go With Any Outfit in Summer

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Anklets are truly one of the most underrated pieces of jewelry out there. They might not be the first thing that catches people’s attention like how a necklace or an earring does, but it adds a subtle polished tone to your style.

Many would think that anklets sort of fell out of the jewelry scene but the recent trends say otherwise. Now that it’s summer, you have the freedom to dress however you like. So you best bet that an anklet or two will complete your whole look.

So, are you ready to explore the many design possibilities that are your summer jewelry? Check out these best anklet designs that go perfect with any summer outfit.

  1. Puka Shell Anklet

Your beach trip won’t be complete without seeing someone wear this fashionable puke shell design around their neck. So why not stand out from the rest and get yourself a puka shell anklet?

Aside from the fact that the design is clearly cuter as an anklet, your jewelry won’t bother you when you go out and about on the beach. It’s chic and sophisticated when worn with a bikini swimsuit plus it’s not uncomfortable when you sweat unlike wearing other types of jewelry.

If you’re looking for a more stylish version of the puka shell anklet, then why not have other elements that are beach-themed? Charms like starfish, shell, and wave outlines would go perfectly with the puka shell anklet.

anklet designs for summer outfit

  1. Mini Rhinestone Pompom Anklet

A lot of anklet designs are focused on minimal beauty and adding a pop of color or two to your outfit.

This mini rhinestone pompom anklet combines the best of both worlds. It’s sleek and elegant that will surely be the perfect accompaniment to your summer dress. It sways just a little bit with every step and if that’s not one of the most cheerful jewelry to wear during this season, then we don’t know what is.

Aside from that, this rhinestone pompom anklet balances the style between playful and exquisite. It can be worn during casual days or you can wear it to the office. If you’re looking for an all-around anklet style, then this design might be it.

  1. Cerulean Blue Bead Anklet

Summer is the perfect season to bring back your inner hipster. A cerulean blue bead anklet will certainly do the trick.

To highlight the color and the beauty of this jewelry, why not pair it with a white linen dress? While the anklet is far from becoming a statement piece of jewelry, its contrast will certainly stand out. If you’re up for it, why not consider adding a charm or a pendant to your bead anklet? This small touch will definitely add more to your look.

  1. Layered Curved Anklet

Layering is a style technique used in many jewelry designs so why not apply it to anklets as well?

The trick to layering anklets is to keep the pieces minimal so they won’t give a crowded look. A simple gold anklet paired with another similar chain with a metal curve accent gives off a perfect balance in design.

If you’re wary about buying multiple anklets just to achieve this look, then don’t worry because you can absolutely use your long-chained necklace as a layered anklet! Just make sure that you’re only using chain necklaces that have links so you won’t damage the jewelry. Then, position the pendant section on the outer side of your ankles to create a flawless design.

  1. Silver Snake Coil Anklet

Add a little spunk to your outfit with a silver snake coil anklet. If statement pieces are your thing, then this is one of the most eye-catching pieces that you could get.

The silver snake elegantly coils up your ankles, making it a great option to pair with an LBD or a dark-colored cocktail dress. Formal dresses can limit what jewelry options you get to wear with them but this particular anklet design goes well with the dressy options. Wear it with silver high heels and you’ll surely steal the night!


  1. Bohemian Lace Anklet

Lace anklet just gives off a different vibe and daintiness that metal anklets don’t usually achieve. If you’re traipsing around the town, a Bohemian lace anklet with trimming of leaf and stone charms will set the mood right.

Pair it with your most flowy maxi dress and slip-on sandals or jean shorts with a white top to get the best out of the Bohemian aesthetic. This is also great fashion jewelry to wear during outdoor festivals like Coachella.

  1. Toe Ring Chain Anklet

Body jewelry is highly popular these days and the beloved anklet also went through a transformation or sort.

For the days when you’ll be running down the shore barefoot, why not take your jewelry to the next level? The toe ring chain anklet is an interesting piece of jewelry. It’s worn as a normal anklet except the chain extends down to your toe. While you can keep this simple by sticking with the plain hardware, you can also add different elements like flower charms, multicolor gems, or even opt for a pave cubic zirconia.

While there are a few occasions where you can wear this particular anklet design, it’s definitely worth going the extra mile.

  1. Drop Pearl Anklet

Pearl jewelry should be a staple in a woman’s jewelry collection. While pearl makes for an excellent necklace, bracelet, or a pair of earrings —it’s also exceptionally elegant as an anklet.

A string of drop pearls suspended on crystals is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate this classic jewelry design. This anklet is more dressy compared to the other designs on this list but it does give you a leeway to weak this kind of jewelry outside of casual occasions.

Since anklets are usually seen as casual day-to-day jewelry, this drop pearl anklet proves that this jewelry is also fit for more “serious” occasions. So if you need an accessory to go with your evening gown, then why not consider a drop pearl anklet? Having learned so much about the anklets design for this summer, you probably will want to find some of these collections for yourself, we hereby provide you some good places to check, according to our findings, the most welcomed and reputed online anklets shops are Etsy, Kohls, JewelryBund and Adinasjewels. You can find tons of collections as we mentioned, start wearing your own ankets to show your style now!

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