Benefits of using handrails

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Have you ever realized that while walking up or down the stairs, our hands instinctively reach out to hold on to something for support? This is because our body’s state of balance requires us to take necessary precautions unconsciously. It is not the only reason why we see handrails on corners that are at a certain height or around the staircase. There are many other benefits of installing handrails in buildings and we will be discussing the most common of them here.


As it has been discussed previously, holding onto handrails gives us a sense of safety. We get to hold onto something to prevent any unforeseen fall or injury. This is even more important when you have elderly or kids around the home who have uncoordinated movements and find it hard to follow the same line of movement. People who have issues with their vision, tend to benefit from handrails a lot too.


Have you realized that adding handrails to stairs and corners gives them a more finished look?You can have a design made especially in order that would go with the overall theme of your home or building. Moreover, it helps define thearea where with handrails you can visibly make out the end of stairs and thus get to compartmentalize the room in your head. While circular and oval-shaped handrails are most common, you have all the liberty to go with a design you find more appealing.

However, we often tend to pay more attention to the design of the handrails than the shape of them. It shouldn’t be so. As per a research, it has been advised by the experts that the circular and oval-shaped handrails tend to provide more safety than the other shapes that you might choose to go with.


Can you imagine going for a circular staircase if it wasn’t for the handrails? We don’t think so. Thus, another benefit of handrails is the liberty you get to enjoy with the type of staircase you want to see. Same goes for the rooftops. You can have them high even with kids as long as the handrails are installed. As per a general rule, it is advised to keep the height of the handrails more than the railings. They should be at a level which is easily reachable for support by the kids and elderly alike.

There are a lot of materials that you can choose for your handrails with stainless steel being the most common and preferred choice all over. It requires little maintenance and is quite strong and sturdy in its structure too. With handrails, you cannot take negligence of any sort since it can result in serious accidents for your loved ones.

To know more about the different kinds of handrails, do get in touch with us. We have a team of experts working for us that would ensure that the process of installing handrails is as thorough as you would want it to be.

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