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Benefits of energy-efficient geyser

Technology is the greatest gift to mankind bestowed by mankind himself. It has given us various modern day appliances like refrigerator, washing machines, water geyser, etc. These have been a boon for man in his day to day activities and are now an integral part of modern life so much so that life without these appliances in unimaginable. In the past, these technologies were never observed critically and were considered absolutely advantageous with no adverse effect whatsoever. But lately, with the advent of global warming, the knowledge of limited resources, the spread of education and an increased notion of savings, the concept of energy efficient appliances has developed. People are becoming conscious day by day as to why they should use energy efficient water geysers, refrigerators, etc. But still there are masses who do not realise the benefits of energy efficient geysers. For those, still facing this question, we present you with an entire list that is pretty convincing.

1) Long lasting

Any device that we buy must be long lasting and must bear low maintenance costs. This would imply that the parts of the geyser must be damage proof. For this the standing power consumption ratings are considered. Most energy efficient geysers have low standing power consumption rating and so the coils of the water geyser have a long life as they don’t get heated unnecessarily.  They get heated only when they are in proper use and hence, are less susceptible to overheating damages which also entails lesser maintenance costs.

2) Reduced electric bills

One of the main advantages of an energy efficient geyser is reduced bills since it takes in less amount of power to heat the water to the same temperature in comparison to an inefficient water heater. Equivalently, the standing power consumption rating for an efficient geyser is low and so this also ensures lesser power intake. Since, the electricity charge per unit is getting quite high these days, a decrease in the number of units of electricity used leads to a significant savings on the electricity bill, thus reducing the effective cost of the geyser.

3) Convenience

An energy efficient geyser is very convenient to the user in the sense that it heats water to the right temperature. It neither overheats nor under heats the water in which case the user does not have to face unnecessary inconvenience of mixing cold water or heating the water again. This saves both time, water and electricity thereby giving us a triple benefit.

4) Eco-friendly

Electricity is produced by burning coal in thermal power plants and then distributed for household and commercial use. Extra electricity requires extra amount of coal to be burnt which leads to pollution since combustion of coal leads to the release of flue gas which contains compounds of sulphur and nitrogen. These compounds are extremely harmful for the environment leading to global warming. Hence, one of the most important aspect of an energy saving geyser is that it saves electricity by consuming less of it and hence is eco-friendly.

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